The Art of (Political) Warfare — Bugs Bunny Style

So the Gates of Hell have opened.  Mitt Romney is next up in the MMA grudge match with Donald J. Trump. The GOP elites, their media mouthpieces, and the Leftists led by Van Jones are waist deep in their own bodily fluids!

And there’s Trump, cool as a cucumber, looking for all the world like someone who is remembering a simpler time, a gentler time, a time when we all sprawled on the living room rug watching…Saturday Morning Cartoons.  He’s..he’s remembering that one episode of Bugs Bunny…  and how he let the other guy bury himself under his own steam and with his own shovel.

Poor, poor Willard.  He doesn’t stand a chance.   Let’s get it on!


8 thoughts on “The Art of (Political) Warfare — Bugs Bunny Style”

        1. Grunt — haaha! Don’t ask me for the time — I’ll give you the history of clock making first! Thanks for the kind comment and for waiting!

          Don’t you just love the expressions on Bugs’ face? LOL!

      1. I thought it looked different! Honestly, I like both versions just fine. The Daily Pundit linked & quoted you at his place, BTW.

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