Pre #GOPDebate #NonTDS Roundup

So, there is yet another “let’s give the democrats more talking points” and “hate on The Donald” GOP debate tonight. Whoopdie freakin’ doo.

The Ruling Class are in full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, as are large swaths of the right wing punditry, and Mitt Romney is doubling down on douchebaggery following up his imitation of Harry Reid with some anti-Trump speechifying. Romney just can’t adMITT that he’s irrelevant.

If Milquetoast Mittens and the rest of the GOP establishment had spent half the energy that they’re now wasting to attack Trump on fighting Obama four years ago, we’d have a Republican President running for a second term right now and Donald Trump would probably be supporting his re-election. Butt NOOOO, they were afraid of getting called RAAAAACIST then, so they decided the best thing to do now is scream RAAAAACIST at Trump. Jackasses. Republican pansies are apoplectic at the thought that they may reap what they have sewn.

Below is a roundup of 100% TDS-Free blog posts of awesomeness for your Trumptastic enjoyment. Cheers!

Adrienne on the Trump Derangement Syndrome of self righteous Catholic gasbags.

American Power reveals who the Democrats most fear this election year.

The Daily Pundit on the Trumpophobic Denial of the fraidypants elitists.

Don Surber with a strong hot serving of TDS-Free reality.

Sundance weighs in on “ceilings“.

The Gateway Pundit has Andrea Tantaros’ Trumpnificent rebuttal to Mitt Romney’s appalling TDS BS.

BigFurHat at iOTWreport has Trump’s response to Mittens’ “Weird Pot/Kettle Attack“.

Cold Fury on why Republicans are attempting to smear Donald Trump as a RAAAAACIST:

Because they’re sneaks, cowards, and shitweasels, that’s why. And they still don’t know any better than to leap obediently to their feet and start their little me-too-me-too dance when the Left calls that same old tired tune–every single time.

The correct response to any such charge from any blithering Left idiot has always been a Trump-like shrug and a half-hearted “meh.” Because no answer any conservative can ever give will placate the libtards one iota–their base assumption is always going to peg the needle at the big red RACIST!!™ detent no matter how vehemently said hapless conservative may protest.

So why bother about it?

A party whose supposed leadership can’t bring itself to sneeringly dismiss obnoxious, thinly-veiled insinuations about irrelevant non-entities like David Duke and the KKK–preferring instead to eagerly bark on command and reinforce those insinuations with their usual groveling subservience–is a party that has entirely earned its perpetual also-ran status.



Nothing that happens in tonight’s debate will dissuade me from Donald Trump as my first choice to top the GOP ticket this year, but there’s sure to be plenty that will make me like the other candidates much less and hate the media much more, so I’ll probably just put it on during commercial breaks of less annoying teevee shows.



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7 thoughts on “Pre #GOPDebate #NonTDS Roundup”

  1. I have a Sharks game to watch. And a Warriors game at the same time. And I should be getting some new volume and tone controls for my guitar today. And I need to record next week’s radio show. Oh darn, I’ll miss the debate. Just like I’m missing CPAC. Aw phooey.

    1. Thursdays currently give me new episodes of The 100 and Colony.
      No CPAC for me, not even if family obligations & money weren’t barriers, cuz they are anti-counterjihad.

  2. They just can’t help themselves. Mitt spouting off will make Trump’s number go up yet again.

    They keep it up and Trump will end up my number one choice.

    Thanks for the linky-love, Zilla

    1. The ole rubber vs glue principle seems to be working in teh donaldz favor. I wonder who the genius was that thought propping up Milquetoast Mittens as a “severely conservative” attack dog despite his timid history was a good idea? The GOPe exemplifies “out of touch” to the extreme!

  3. Woo hooo! You go, Zilla!!

    Excellent, excellent, excellent round up! I also read this morning Red Square’s post at The People’s Cube — in part:
    “The only political actor on the national stage since Reagan who has been able to shatter that paradigm, frame, and narrative, is none other than Trump. He has created his own narrative, his own issues, and continues to frame the debate on his own terms. He rejects the game the establishment is playing on both sides. Trump plays his own game by his own rules. People like it and that’s why he is leading in the polls.”

    I’ll probably see the debate tomorrow sometime after the nattering class have, once again, proved they don’t know sh*t from Shinola.

    1. I love the People’s Cube!
      Oh, yeah, the post debate clip-show will run non-stop tomorrow & likely throughout the weekend.

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