Make America Great Again! Super Tuesday Mash Up!

Well guys, it’s finally here. The numbers are in and it should be a great day for Trump! A great day for Americans! Trump is right when he says we will all remember this day.

My thoughts are whirling around at warp speed! I’ve got a dozen websites open on my laptop’s browser and several more on my tablet — latest state polling numbers, a Vegas betting site, the latest from Conservative Treehouse, Breitbart (that awful story about Jeff Sessions at NR!), Gateway Pundit (reported voting machines in Texas changing votes from Trump to Rubio), and I’m streaming Donald Trump’s speech live from a packed Columbus airport hangar!

How are you using this day? What stories have caught your attention? What is inspiring you or getting your hackles up? Are you voting in an SEC primary? What are you noticing?

4 thoughts on “Make America Great Again! Super Tuesday Mash Up!”

  1. I’m delighted to see you bringing so much excitement & optimism here! Today my day is filled with laundry, making homemade chicken soup, teaching the Lil’ Resisters, and puppy wrangling! The pups keep taking turns wriggling off to get stranded behind their momma’s back and then getting noisy. Bellah only lets me touch the puppies when I’m rescuing them & putting them in front of her. The puppies aren’t even 48 hours old yet but they are growing fast & getting a whole lot more wriggly.
    I click the news on occasionally & peruse the blogosphere, but it all makes me very tired today. So much TDS, so little Trumpositivity. I hope Donald an overcome the margin of voter fraud today. He will need to win big for that.

    1. Zilla — Last I read at RealClearPolitics for yesterday: Emerson Texas poll showed Cruz ahead by only 3; ARG, Cruz only +1, and Fox26/Opinion Savvy Cruz +11. The last one looks like the NYTs/WSJ outlier and probably a highly-manipulated online poll. Let us hope! A Texas win or near win for Trump would just be frosting on the cake. Rubio’s going DOWN!!

      Li’l squirmy puppies! Homemade chicken soup! What a life! I think I’ll go see what I recorded from last week and catch up on Downton. I cleaned all day yesterday to avoid any media coverage.

  2. I’m going to Wally World for a few things. We don’t vote in Idaho until the 8th and I’m sure it will be Cruz. Thank goodness they ditched the caucus crapola they tried last year. It was just plain painful. Part of the reason is because North Idaho is Pacific Time Zone, and Southern Idaho is Mountain time. So the libtards hunkered around Boise refuse to hold back their results until we’re finished. Doing a caucus didn’t help.

    1. Adrienne — I don’t trust the caucus process at all. I have a ton of cousins in the Boise area — so funny to even think of Idaho as liberal! Don’t they still say “Welcome to Idaho, set your watches back fifteen years.”

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