Hey, have you heard the one about the size of Trump’s hands?

This weekend, hours before voters have their say in the GOP Super Tuesday primaries, Senator Marco Rubio took to the stump, waging all out War! on The Donald.  There was the usual “He’s a liar…a con man…a liar…a con man…a liar…and you know what they say about a man with small hands, doncha?”

Pausing to take a drink of water and wait for the appreciative laughter, he finished:  “It means he can’t be trusted!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I’m a married woman of a certain age and that’s what I’ve always thought that joke meant, too.  Didn’t you?  Get your minds out of the gutter!  Jeeze.

Jokes about Donald Trump’s hair and hands, whispers about his taxes, ties to the KKK, mafia and who knows what all, won’t work.  Why?  Because no one else is Donald J. Trump — and that’s all there is to it.  It’s precisely because these busted canards are the old tried and true KO’s they’ve been in elections past that render them impotent.

Trump is not them, they are not Trump.  For all the highly-compensated campaign consultants the RNC, the established GOP, the Big Money oppo, and the other candidates cannot get a toehold.  This is one of the “…because sometimes you won’t”, warned by Dr. Seuss in “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.”  One of the places Rubio won’t be going is the winner’s circle on Super Tuesday.   And except for an expected win — though who knows how many delegates out of his home state of Texas — Senator Cruz will be joining his junior senator collaborator outside that circle.  Now, what were you saying about the size of his hands?

How is Trump, Trump?  Hint: You’ll have to think way outside the box.

12 thoughts on “Hey, have you heard the one about the size of Trump’s hands?”

  1. lol! Thanks for your great comment, Zilla! I’ve purposely stayed off the tee vee today — and most of the blogs. Geoff C. just came in from the road and said the radio is on fire with “Trump is the Evil One!”. They’re going over the moon, Alice!

  2. Hi Abigail, I’ve seen your comments at iowntheworld many times. Nice to see you here.

    I am known for noticing physical things about people, and I never noticed Trump’s hands. I even hunted up a bunch of photos and didn’t think his hands looked particularly weird. Now Rubio’s ears…

    1. Grunt — lol! Good Seuss, yourself. Yes, I read that piece and I watched the video, too, of his speech on that at a bookstore recently. Have you seen it?

      1. Did not see the bookstore speech, but he’s been all over the new media in other places, and it’s the message I want to hear. The RINOs are going down. The want suicide. I say, let ’em.

  3. I tried to leave a comment yesterday that went into the ethernet. It seems WordPress hates it if I include my website. Sooooo – I’ll try again.

    Nice to see you here, Abigail.

    I’m known for noticing physical things about people and I’ve never noticed his hands. I even did a search of pics and saw nothing particularly weird about his hands. Now, Rubio’s ears…

    1. Thank you, Adrienne. In hindsight (it’s always hindsight), this would have been improved vastly by a title change: “Hey, have you heard the one about the size of Rubio’s delegation?”

    2. I found your comment & approved it after fishing it out of the wp spam thingy. Now that you’re officially approved, hopefully it won’t give you anymore trouble. I’ve been thinking of reinstalling Disqus or some other comment system, but I still don’t know what fried my database so I’m a bit nervous about plugins now.

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