Did Twitter URL Ban Bare Naked Islam?

What’s more damaging to the ability to share politically incorrect news than “shadow bans” and shutting down accounts of right-wing bloggers? How about banning a blogger’s URL so nobody can share links to thought criminal bloggers’ posts on social media?

The counter-jihad blog BareNakedIslam has apparently been URL banned by Twitter; if you don’t believe me, try tweeting some of the following links & then please let me know what happens:

TWITTER now using ‘stealth blocking’ to prevent BNI readers from sharing BNI posts

SHARIA LAW REIGNS IN FLORIDA! Man could get life in prison for ‘defacing’ a mosque with a slab of bacon

DENMARK: Mentioning the name of the Muslim would-be assassin who tried to kill the renowned anti-Islam journalist can get you arrested

Oh, NOES! ‘Muslim Day’ at the Oklahoma Capital Building is being threatened with a bacon bits attack

EU COMMISSIONER says: “10 days until EU migration system totally breaks down”

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD lashes out at “Zionist extremist Republicans” who put forth a bill that would designate the group a ‘terrorist organization’

Shutting down a major avenue to share blog post links could effectively silence BNI because the website bears the burden of enormous security costs thanks to the relentless efforts of jihadi cyber thugs who are forever attempting to hack & attack barenakedislam.com, and if BNI loses a lot of traffic it will also lose the advertisers whose fees make it possible for Bonni to keep the place going.

Please show your support for the freedom to speak out against the horrors of islamic supremacism by visiting BareNakedIslam.com and sharing the links there through email, blogs, flyers stapled to phone poles & bulletin boards, carrier pigeons, and any other ways you can think of and while you are at BNI, please consider hitting Bonni’s tip jar if you can.

Support Free Speech – Support BNI!



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