Tsk Tsk, Mittens, Tsk Tsk!

Milquetoast Mittens tries to act tough, emulates Dirty Harry …


I guess Mittens liked it so much when Harry Reid made up crap about Mittens’ taxes that Mittens thought it a good idea to make up crap about Donald Trump’s taxes.  Brilliant!

GOP establishment goons keep launching dumbass attacks against Trump despite the fact that these attacks have  history of backfiring and only make Donald Trump more popular among those of us who are fed up with the GOPe and their insipid shenanigans. Keep it up, snobs!

Nobody cares!


In other news, Bill Quick asks a question, the answer to which is, of course, HELL NO!


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One more thing:

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9 thoughts on “Tsk Tsk, Mittens, Tsk Tsk!”

  1. Okay – I hate to admit it, buuuuuut the debate was actually kinda good. Lots of things to laugh at. Sardine spread was perfect – all fishy and stuff.

    My favorite was when Rubio said Trump was the only person on the stage who hired illegals. Trump’s response? “I’m the only one on the stage who’s every hired anyone at all.”

    1. It can be tiring, I know. Plenty of time to jump back into the crazywater if you do take a break from the election madness, and lots of other things to talk about too.

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