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Pro Tip: Publicly criticizing your boss & bitching about your  entry level job is not likely to get you a promotion.

The story: College graduate (majored in English Literature) aspires to be a big media professional, moves to a city with a very high cost of living & takes an entry level minimum wage job only to become frustrated that she doesn’t have enough money to fund the lifestyle she’d like to have so she writes an open letter to her boss about how she deserves better (or something) and is then fired shortly thereafter.

In the comments section of the open letter blog post, a reader explains why publicly complaining about your job wasn’t such a great idea:

Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs the checks, as proven by your update.

If you wonder why 18 year olds that live with their parents are doing the same job as you, it is because it is an entry level position with minimum wage pay that does not require a college degree.

Calling out the CEO because of his net worth is just stupid. The guy co-founded the company. He built it from nothing to what it is worth today. Of course he is going to be worth hundreds of millions if he is running a very successful company.

I am also not sure how much you think writing funny tweets will pay. If you went and got a college degree to write some funny tweets, you could have probably skipped the whole college part!

Some advice for you, take it or leave it but it is to your benefit:

  • Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Don’t expect easy jobs that pay more than a teachers salary.
  • Don’t complain about a situation you put yourself in. Yes, moving to one of the most expensive areas for a minimum wage job was your decision.
  • And last but not least, make yourself worth something, don’t just ask for a handout.

This may come of as though I don’t sympathize with your situation at all and that is because I don’t. While I think that minimum wage should be higher, that is not what your post was about.


I just noticed that you had full health coverage without paying anything. I am not sure if you know what that is worth, it is about $600/month. I would be publicly thanking the company for that, not slamming them, most don’t provide any coverage for such positions, let alone pay the full amount.

The commenter is then berated by other readers for his “mansplaining” to the now unemployed young lady. Cuz common sense is like totes sexist dontcha know? Yikes.




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