Something happened to this blog. I tried to fix it, made it worse, gave myself a headache, and then had to accept the fact that the only option available to me to get running again was to have the database wiped and start all over again. So, everything I had here since I moved from Blogger a few years ago is gone. If I had a backup somewhere, I don’t recall where it is or how to use it, so I console myself with the knowledge that my blogging wasn’t all that good the past couple of years anyway and at least I still have the old archives at the old place where some of my best work exists.

I only just got this back up & running, so the place is still pretty bare, but I’ll spiff it up when I can. Thank you for your patience.



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6 thoughts on “Nuked”

  1. On the bright side, at least you were able to get it back up and running pretty quickly. It loaded fast too. Can you change the wordpress settings to keep it from automatically updating? Then when updates are available you can back it up first. Not that I would know what to do with my own backups if I needed them.

    1. Yeah, I’ll be manually updating going forward, although I still don’t know if that’s what really broke the blog. I had to call my server’s tech support 3 times before I got an agent who was willing to be a hero – the last tech person I spoke to spent HOURS working in my database doing stuff I couldn’t figure out on my own to make this place usable again. The first 2 guys said I was on my own. Thank God for the 3rd guy!

  2. In a way you do have an easily accessed backup. The Internet Wayback Machine! It will at least allow you access to a copy of your published content.

    Go to and enter your blog’s url in the indicated field and hit enter. You’ll see a calendar view of the dates if your updates. Select a date and voilà … your site from that date.

    1. I tried it out earlier today & easily found a 4 year old post I wanted to reference in a new post. When I have time, and am not feeling too lazy, I’ll copy those old posts & plant them back in the archives here. I recently learned about the Way Back Machine from a friend, but I appreciate you stopping by and writing about it. Maybe it will help someone else who could benefit from it. Thanks!

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