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I know I had promised you all that the 3rd Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere would be coming “soon“, and they will be, but some things of greater importance to my family have come up which are the reason for the delay and the lack of mch from me online at all lately.

I am still dealing with my medical mess but slowly recovering from some of the more debilitating symptoms; I am still in a lot of pain and don’t look right but every day I am able to do a little bit more than I could the day before and that is important because I now have much more to do!

As you may recall, last summer I thought I was finally getting better when in fact I was actually about to get much sicker than I could possibly have imagined. I was given steroids to deal with my breathing problems and they made everything else feel better too but they were just masking my symptoms while wrecking up my endocrine system and I ended up with both adrenal insufficiency and cushing’s syndrome on top of all the ticksick. I also developed alarmingly high blood pressure and glaucoma. I eventually found a decent endocrinologist in another county who has been helping me to try to get my adrenal problems under control. He warned me that it would be slow and painful and painfully slow, and he was right!

I still see my epidemiologist who is also my primary care physician and it is still a 100 mile round trip drive, but I trust this doctor and I have good reasons not to trust most doctors. I am getting ready to make that trip again today. They need to check my kidney function because I am showing signs of damage. I will be taking my kids with me for this ride, because we are a homeschooling family now.

I had concerns about sending my kids to public school this past fall when I learned that our district had decided to go full on into the Common Core, but we were in a great district (and I suddenly became very ill) so I put my reservations aside and sent the kids. The people who work at our local public school are wonderful, but they did not have a choice but to inflict the Common Core on the children. I learned that Common Core Syndrome is real and one of my children was suffering from it.

The decision to homeschool was not one we made lightly, but at this time we feel it is what is in the best interest of our children, not only for their educational needs but also because I think more family time together will be good for us all after all we’ve been through in the past year. Of course I have been criticized for the decision my husband and I made, but my children do not belong to my critics, or to anybody else for that matter.

We live in New York State, which has become a hotbed of controversy as parents and teachers realize just how destructive the Common Core truly is, especially to bright young children.

Long story short, I’m spending a lot of time with my kids and adjusting to our new homeschooling life.

Well, I’d love to write some more, but I have got to go on that long, long, long drive to my doctor’s office. If any friends would like to help us out as we are trying to meet both the existing and new expenses we are now facing (and a doctor who now only accepts cash), it would be greatly appreciated, and prayers are welcome as well.

I love you all.


PS I’m still open to suggestions for who you think had the best new right wing blog in 2013; please feel free to tell me in the comments section, along with any other ideas for who YOU think deserves a Zilla Award. I’d also like to hear from other homeschool parents. OK, I have really got to run now, hope to see you soon!



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