Breaking: Why Is Obama Purging Our Military Of Its Generals?

When the liberal media admit that 18 Generals have been axed by Obama in the last year alone, something is not right. If there is a reasonable explanation the American people need to hear it from our so-called president.

The Savage Nation:

Gen. Mattis Purged By Obama


New York Post – Lost in the inaugural hullabaloo was Tuesday’s news that President Obama has relieved Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, the colorful and highly decorated Marine who’s been in charge of the crucial US Central Command, which oversees the various wars in the Middle East, since 2010.

Mattis is famous for his blunt style and blistering aphorisms — “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet” was his clear-headed advice to the Marines he led during the treacherous Iraq War. He’ll retire from both CentCom and the Corps in March, several months short of his expected tour of duty.

But why? Could it be that, as Obama prepares to cede Afghanistan back to the Taliban, the last thing he needs is an obstreperous general gumming up the surrender?

For an administration whose relationship with the military is, to put it mildly, fraught with tension, Mattis is yet another wall trophy, to go alongside the heads of Gen. Stanley McChrystal (fired in 2010 as the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan) and David Petraeus, who left CentCom to be buried alive at the CIA (and later resigned over the Paula Broadwell sex scandal).

Officially, the administration offers a nothing-to-see-here explanation for Mattis’ departure, noting that his tenure in the crucial job was about average for the post…


Update: Fox News reports another General bites the dust…

The two-star general in charge of all Air Force nuclear missiles was fired Friday following a probe into alleged personal misbehavior — just days after another key official overseeing U.S. nuclear power was relieved of duty.

The Air Force announced Friday that Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was removed from command of the 20th Air Force, which is responsible for three wings of intercontinental ballistic missiles — a total of 450 missiles at three bases across the country.

The circumstances of Carey’s firing were unclear. Two officials told the Associated Press it had to do with alcohol use.

A senior U.S. Defense official said he was fired over “conduct.” Officials said that it did not have to do with gambling, or the loss of a nuclear weapon, or sexual misconduct.


Yea, it is an Alex Jones video, but don’t knock it until you watch it. It has Diane Sawyer and Martha Raddatz with ABC News talking about the 18 generals who have been dismissed by Obama.


Please forgive me for linking to Alex Jones. I loathe the man.


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