The Final Word On Cloture

It looks like the vote for cloture will probably happen tomorrow. We all know what it means. We have heard the double speak from the mealy-mouthed politicians, but we are not stupid. We know what is going on.

Regardless of how it turns out I will remain amazed at the uprising of the grassroots. The whip-list phone lines have been jammed for three days, and the social media outcry has been tsunamic.

im41/CBC is proud to say that it has sent tens of thousands either directly to Ted Cruz/Mike Lee’s don’t fund it page, or to the social media sites of the Senators involved.

Here is my last push before the vote tomorrow:


  1. Go to “Don’t Fund Obamacare”
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Find the social media links (too late for phone calls)
  4. Make your voices heard in the comment boxes
  5. If you didn’t know the Facebook And Twitter links are circled in red

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