Target The Embedded – The New Conservative Blogging Paradigm

It is time for conservative bloggers to rethink and re-target. It is time to declare victory on the liberal media and address the exposed right flank.

While bloggers have been busy busting largely irrelevant crackpots like Chris Matthews, the real damage has been done by the enemy within. The establishment GOP plants in the conservative blogosphere.

Hitting the liberal media does nothing except help their falling ratings. But ignoring thinly veiled Teaparty hit pieces from blogs that wave the conservative banner has had disastrous consequences. They are doing the real damage – not MSNBC.

These establishment bloggers post enough Teaparty red meat to keep a readership, but their main function is to gently nudge their readers away from Teaparty candidates. They are the ones who convinced the masses that only a moderate like McCain could beat Obama. They are the ones who scared conservatives into believing not picking Romney as the nominee would mean defeat.

We need to leave the Cris Matthews and Rachel Maddows alone. They didn’t give us eight years of Obama. It is time to target the people who did – the legions of Ed Morrisseys embedded in the new media.


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