ROAD TRIP!!! … and Links!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the latest version of the Firefox browser has been a glitchy nuisance for me! If you saw a post at this blog that isn’t here now it’s because Firefox is acting all freezy on me and had stuff bouncing all around on my screen, and while I as trying to compose this blog post, it went ahead and clicked itself to “publish” before I was ready so I got rid of it and now here is the actual post…

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my mom, who had surgery to remove her kidney this past Tuesday. Mom’s surgery went well and she is now back at home recovering. In just a little while, after rush hour traffic clears off the highways (I hope – because my car has no AC and the last thing I want is to be stuck in a traffic jam in a hot car with young children), I’ll be driving down to Long Island to spend some quality time with my mom. My kids are really excited to see their Granny!

I have not decided yet how long we will be staying or when exactly we are coming back upstate, it will depend on how my mom is doing and if she needs me to stick around to help out and also it depends on the weather because I have to take the heat into consideration along with traffic. The drive takes about an hour and a half if the roads aren’t congested but I have had that ride take much longer when traffic is bad, like hours and hours longer, and with no air conditioning I want to be able to keep the car moving while we are inside of it. I will be bringing my computer with me though, and my mom has WiFi in her house, so if there are some quiet moments I will try to get my blog on or at least catch up on some of the emails that I am still so far behind on.

Next week comes the usual slew of appointments with medical specialists for me that are all far away, but since I am putting all of my resources into getting down to mom’s house which is even further away, I could use a little help to keep up the fight (and maybe even to get back home). My birthday is next week also, I’ll be 41 – yikes!

Well now it is time for me to get ready to go, but before I do, here are some links to great posts from awesome some blogs:

Lil Zilla’s art is featured at lgstarr! Thanks, Linda!

Blazing Cat Fur has found a search engine for dhimmies.

DaTechGuy observes something interesting that has not happened following the release of the first Encyclical from Pope Francis.

Bare Naked Islam has an IMPORTANT URGENT REQUEST from the Coptic Pope Tawadrose of Egypt.

After insulting and berating 2nd Amendment supporters, Jim Carrey has decided that he would like their money. – iOTW

Who started the fire? “Nobody” knows. – READ Joyanna Adams: “Unleashing Hell”

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood – and much more, at The E-Blast

Harvard is pushing violent, racist, hatred. – The Mad Jewess

“Duh” of the day, courtesy of Reuters. – The Powers That Be


Time to go. I hope you enjoyed the linx, see ya later!


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