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This is a followup to my post HERE about the unjust arrest of the EDL’s Tommy Robinson after islamic thugs targeted his family home. I cannot update that post without losing all the formatting (specifically all of the embedded tweets), so below is a list of places that linked in to that post. If you linked and I missed it, please let me know and I will link back to you in this post. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word.

Atlas Shrugs: Sharia in UK: Armed Muslims Terrorize Tommy Robinson’s family at his home, Police arrest …. Robinson

Blazing Cat Fur: British Justice

Blur Brain: British Family Harassed By Mob, Police Arrest Homeowner

Kafir Crusaders – 2 Tier Justice: EDL Leader Arrested For Standing Up To 8 Armed Muslim Thugs Threatening His Family

1389 Blog: UK: Armed mob attempts to terrorize a man’s family at his home, police arrest intended victim

Christian Defence League – Armed Islamic Supremacists Attempt to Terrorize Englishman’s Family At His Home – Police Arrest Englishman

Stuff that Interests Me: Arrest the Victim, it’s safer

The Infidel Task Force

Batshit Crazy News: BSC in the UK…

Jihad Watch: Sharia in the UK: Armed Muslims terrorize Tommy Robinson’s family at his home, police arrest…Robinson

ZION’S TRUMPET: THIS is What Britain Has Become? Imprisoning the Innocent and Protecting The mooslim Criminals?

Winds Of Jihad: UK Sharia Enforcement: Armed Muslims Terrorize Tommy Robinson’s family at his home, Police arrest …. Robinson

Bare Naked Islam: Muslim thugs with weapons threaten English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson’s family outside his home

The E-Blast: Thursday, 4-11-13: Supremacists, Fabrications, and Revolutionaries



UPDATE: The EDL has more information about the incident, including links to video, on their website, HERE.



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