Stirring The Pot of Violence

Do you ever wonder what is Obama‘s reasoning in always speaking to the young and impressive at Universities? First you have to examine his message to these young people, one thing that he always does is to minimize their history and the leaders who are currently in power, as if to lessen their importance in the minds of those whom he is speaking to. Then he seems to tell them that those leaders ideas in the past, present, and future, are good, but not really right for the future. Then he implies that they need to listen to someone else and that someone else is him, and that they need to rethink their support for whomever is in power.

He stirs the pot, encouraging division.He does the same thing when he visits Universities here in the US, but here it is even more blatant because here the division has been going on for years. He also did the same thing in Egypt when he made his famous, or infamous, speech there. Then he sent in his agitators to stir the flames until violence erupted and the division was complete. You have to wonder if his agitators are already in place to stir up discord and fan the flames of discontent so that Israel will find that the discord from within will prevent them from acting to secure themselves when they are attacked from without.

We have seen the results of the discord that has been sown by this administration since Mr. Obama took office and every time it seems to die down some, there seems to be an active attempt to stir it up again. The result of all this discord has been the increased power of the Muslim Brotherhood and the increased persecution of Christians and Jews in the Middle East. With it looking more and more likely that the Obama administration is going to get more involved with Syria and encouraging and arming the Muslim Brotherhood in the arena there, you have to wonder what is the next step that they will take.

At every opportunity they have had to protect Christians or even to speak in support of them, they have declined. Such as they did just the other day when they declined to speak up about Pastor Saeed in Iran. And yet they do choose to support what they consider mulim or Arab discrimination. Where will the next place Mr.Obama will visit and will he choose to stir the pot in that country as well?

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Logo Muslim Brotherhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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