Removing Justice’s Blindfold

Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While we have always known that Justice isn’t truly blind, and that there have always been abuses, they were mostly small and on a local level. No longer can we pretend that Justice is blind though, and instead of just peeking out from under the blindfold, the blindfold has come totally off and it is no longer small scale and on a local level. This is at the highest level of our country and there is no attempt to evey deny it. It is overt and in your face and if you don’t like it, or protest, you are the one who is declared the enemy, the trouble maker. You are the one who is at risk of being put on a government watch list or branded as a “hater.”

Justice without the blindfold is no longer justice, it is simply a system of favor and disfavor where those you disagree with or do not like are punished while those you agree with or like are rewarded. Far from treatment meeting any type of equality, you have instead a system that shows preferential treatment to those in favor while those in disfavor are given punishments that often outweighs the crime that they are accused of committing. Using this system oftens it does not matter whether there is even a crime, sometimes a crime is based on manufactured evidence to satisfy the outcry from on segment of a society, irregardless of the facts,with some evidence being exaggerated and some evidence being hidden in order to fit the narrative.

We are failing as a country when our treasure is used by those in power in order to rescue “big banks” because they are “too big too fail.” And yet small banks are pushed with ever extensive regulation, until they do fail. This disparity of treatment if neither justice, nor justifiable in a society established upon the rule of law that promises to have equal treatment under the law.

We have come to a point that some crimes are simply ignored by our Dept. of Justice, as in the banks, or in the case of the New Black Panthers, charges dropped with no real reason given but an impression by our Attorney General and those who work for him, that it is impossible for a person of color to intimidate and prevent from voting, a person who is white. We have reached a point where if a person of color kills a white person, it is murder, but if a person who is white kills a person of color, it is a hate crime and discrimination.
Far from Justice being blind, we have a situation where justice is blinded by color and people are divided in segments by color, gender, and religious differences. Where the laws enacted in the sixties were to protect and make sure that all were treated equally, people in power are twisting and abusing those laws in order to discriminate against one segment of society and excuse another.
Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for saying that he wanted people to be “judged by their character and not the color of their skin.”
I wonder what he would think today to find that more often than not, the first consideration that is made is the color of someones skin. And if the color is different than the person against whom the crime was committed on, justice is weighed by whether that person might have some “prejudice” against the other, and if they do, their crime is suddenly worse than if they didn’t. Character is often not even considered a factor, if “prejudice” might be a factor.
We are failing as a country of laws when we have a President that disregards the law if it doesn’t fit his agenda, and refuses to even obey the courts when they rule against him.Such as the most recent action where his declaring that Senate was not in session and appointing the people that he wanted to the National Labor Relations Board irregardless of whether the Senate was in actual recess. We are also failing as a country when there is no one with power who is willing to stand and call him out on this and other abuses.
It was hopeful that Senator Rand Paul was willing to take to the Senate Floor and do an actual fillibuster. But it was shameful that so many of those Senators did not have the same regard for the rule of law that they were willing to stand with him. I am sad to say that even my own Senators were with those who simply chose not to stand for anything at all. Both Senator Boozeman (R) and Pryor(D) chose to sit on their hands.
If Justice no longer is blind and does not even pretend to be, we are simply a country of favor and disfavor, where those who are in favor succeed and those who are not fail. Our value becomes limited to whom we know and who we don’t. Because when it comes down to it, only those with power and that are in favor at the time can establish the grounds of success. What we can accomlish on our own, or what our abilities are, will no longer be a deciding factor in our future.
From an article on the Market Ticker, I think that this excerpt pretty well wraps it up, but please do read the entire article.

 Our Disintegrating Government
“The Rule of Law works and guides a just society only because it applies to everyone.
Nobody gets to rape, rob, pillage or murder. If you do, no matter who you are, you face the same punishment, the same process, the same sentence.
We all know there are disparities in the process and always have been. But there’s a difference between the foibles of mankind — everyone has their bias, and there is no such thing as a human process that is flawless — and intentional, designed-in or willful refusal to prosecute certain people for acts that land others in prison.
The latter is the defining action of a dictatorship.
A dictatorship can only exist by declaring war upon the people. When a certain subset of the population is given license to pillage or worse that is the very definition of “diktat” from which the term “dictatorship” comes.”

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