Fairness and Equality


Life is not fair, it never can be, because man himself is inherrently biased. He is biased towards himself and those he loves. When those he loves make mistakes or get hurt, his first instinct is to jump to their defence or their aid. And yet we are faced daily by a government that wants to tell us that they can legislate equality and fairness. As if they are the supreme judges of what is fair and what is equal.
If it fair when a young woman escapes from an abusive husband and has an accident on the way to safety that causes her to be paralyzed the rest of her life? Is it fair for the man that was in the relationship and abused the woman, to win the lottery and live in abundance the rest of his life? Are these truly matters that can be adjudged by government?
When Rosa Parks made her stand by sitting on the bus, was she thinking of making a stand for all of those discriminated against, or was she simply fed up and exausted. Did she decide that she was not going to stand anymore on that particular day so that those who had been refused in the past and those who would be refused in the future would not have to suffer? No, she simply decided enough was enough and made her stand because she reached her limit. Government had nothing to do with it except to fight against her and others like her that wanted to be treated with fairness and respect. And yet here we are today with a government that tries to tell us that it is the only one equipped to decide fairness and equality.
When Eric Holder and Tomas Perez make decisions in the Justice Department based on the color of someones skin, they are neither promoting fairness, equality, nor justice. Instead they are simply ignoring all of those. They have shown that they have no desire for fairness and equality but instead believe that the only justice that they serve is to right the perceived injustices of the past by ignoring the crimes committed in the present. They are blatantly discriminating themselves, and they know it. The truly sad part is that they justify it becuase of the color of skin. They no longer want people to look past the color of someone, instead they insist that the decisions must be based on skin color. That crimes should be excused if someone is the preferred color and punished even more harshly if they are not.
If Tomas Perez is approved as Secretary of Labor can we expect him to handle what comes before him fairly? We can only judge a persons actions in the future by their actions and decisions in the past and Mr. Perez has shown himself incapable of considering what comes before him in any manner except to put his finger on the scales in favor of what he considers a preferred class. This does a great disservice to all that come before him, and to all those who strive to act within the law. Whether the preferred class in Mr. Perez’s eyes is based on color of skin, or whether they are members of a union is irrelevant. The very fact that he has shown himself to weigh his judgments with such disparity, disqualifies him for the position.
It is impossible for anyone to make a decision without some kind of bias and that would be expected with anyone that any President would put forth. It is possible to try and act within the law and recognize that you are biased and still act as much within the law as possible. Mr. Perez has shown that he does not care if he is biased and that regardless he will give no weight to an opposite view. In his eyes, there seems to be only on decision to be made and that is a decision that is in favor of what he has decided is the preferred party. The other side is simply irrelevant.
Life isn’t fair, and we have no expectation that it ever will be as long as we are on this earth, however we do have an expectation that people placed in a position to enforce the law, actually take the law into consideration when they make decisions. We have an expectation of a semblance of justice. We expect that those who accept the responsibility of making those decisions, follow the same laws that they are supposed to enforce. Tom Perez has given us no evidence that he will ever make decisions equally and therefore we have no expectation of equality either. And that is something that we do have a right to expect.

Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General for Civi...

Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, United States Department of Justice, at The City Project Environmental Justice Roundtable, February 25, 2010 (Photo credit: The City Project)




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