Are We on the Path to Revolution?

Marie Antoinette with her children and Madame ...

Marie Antoinette with her children and Madame Élisabeth, when the mob broke into the Tuileries Palace on 20 June 1792. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find the parallel’s of Barack Obama and Michelle to LouisXVI and  Marie-Antoinette interesting not just because of their attitudes of personal excess while complaining about the abundance of wealth of others and how it needs to be shared, but also the parallel’s of the times and the state of both France of the time, and the United States of this time. France had an enormous debt from war, and we are in a similar situation, although not all our debt is from war, it is unsustainable and that is where the similarity exists.

Plans were proposed to cut the debt, but were shot down by the ruling class.Whether they were good, bad or indifferent suggestions is almost irrelevant. It is not what was proposed, it is the timeline that led to revolution that is what is important.Resentment was encouraged against the rich, the church, and all elites of the day. Divisions between all became more and more divisive and violent. The ruling classes ignored rulings by the courts of the time. The monarchy and nobility became more and more arrogant while the regular citizens of the country suffered. They were often incited by outsiders wishing for the fall of France. Weapons were confiscated, lands seized, people were hungry and violence became commonplace. Dissolution of the churches was one of the steps in this process that led to even more anger and resentment.

The path that we are on is very similar to that of the French Revolution, it ended in the total transformation of France. That is the path that Barack Obama promised his supporters that we were on. I dare say that the French Revolution is not quite what Mr. Obama was thinking of though. That did not end well for LouisXVI nor Marie-Antoinette. In fact it ended very badly for them and their arrogance was paid for with their deaths.

There seems to be a certain pattern throughout history that empires rise, reach a certain level, wind up being in unsustainable debt, have arrogant rulers, and then fall to revolution. Looking at where we are now, we seem to be following that pattern. Is it possible that we will find ourselves over the next few years in the position of the people of France and be participating in a New American Revolution? We have a Constitution written by people who saw what was happening in France at the time and wisely made provisions in our founding to prevent that kind of situation. The trouble is that we have no one in power who seems to feel the urgency to step in, or see the pattern being established

George Washington wrote in a letter to Marquis de Lafayette, December 25, 1798 (writings Vol. 32 p.0398

My politics are plain and simple. I think every nation has a Right to establish that form of Government under which It conceives It shall live most happy; provided it infracts no Right or is not dangerous to others. And that no Governments ought to interfere with the internal concerns of Another, except for the security of what is due to themselves.

We have strayed a very long way from what Mr. Washington thought we should do. We seem to think that our responsibility is for the whole of the world, and that we have not only the right to interfere in the concerns of others, our own obligation to staying out of the concerns of the citizens of our own country, is non existent. Indeed, our current leadership seems to think that they have the right to decide what makes us happy, if it is not to their pleasing then, we neither need it, nor deserve it.

How long will we be able to sustain our debt? We have many on the outside as well as the inside of this country that are fanning the flames of hatred. Against the wealthy, against the churches, against those in Congress who are elected to lead us, and even against the states themselves. One difference between Louis XVI and Barack Obama is that Louis XVI was content to live off of the country, Barack Obama lives off the country and yet most often he is the one that is instigating the dissatisfaction and encouraging the disharmony. It seems that he views himself at the person to provoke the revolution as well as the one to benefit from it. It my eyes, this makes his actions treasonous. He plays on the political cowardness and political correctness promoted by the Democrat party and the main stream media while pushing an agenda that seems to lead nowhere but revolution.

So, what do you think? Are we on the same path that led to the French Revolution? Is that what our future holds?

Reference: The French Revolution


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