My Response to Da Tech Guy Post Below

Your excellent post inspired me to add a bit of information, some of which dated back to 2004 that I had posted at my old site DBKP in 2010.

Regarding the publication of the personal information of CCP holders; nothing new here. Much of this insanity started in 2004. Publishing the names and addresses of permit holders not only puts permit holders and firearms collectors and owners at risk but also identifies those who do NOT choose to protect themselves.

It seems that the Elyria Ohio Chronicle-Telegram was the leader in outing the personal information of CCP holders starting in 2004:

The link at the bottom of the page of this article no longer works (surprise!) but here is another from the same timeframe that coincides with the above article:

(From The Columbus Dispatch – September 22, 2011):
“When the concealed-carry law was enacted in 2004, only journalists could obtain sheriffs’ lists of the names of concealed-carry permit holders and those whose licenses had been revoked.”

“Most news organizations used the lists to compare the names with suspects accused of gun crimes, but at least one newspaper published the entire list of permit holders in its county.”

“In 2007, the law was changed to forbid the release of names to reporters, who now can only view the lists; they are not allowed to take notes.”

Read the whole article here:

The story and map that Da Tech Guy provided (linked again below) is just the latest in the insanity that our “press” engages in. Should ANY of these people, including those NOT on the list as they have been identified as NOT armed and therefore easy prey, become victims of robbery, breaking and entering, rape, etc. the “press” should be held accountable as accessories to such crimes.

Now we come to the comparison that Da Tech Guy draws regarding “protected groups”. This, from a piece that I published at Death By 1000 Papercuts in 2010.

At that time, I made the comparison of two groups of people that were “outed” by our “vaunted” press. Since I no longer have access to the original article or links, I can only submit the graphics that I produced but I think that everyone interested in this issue will get the point.

(click on image for full size)

In 2010, another list was published that drew an outcry from the left regarding the “rights” of a well known protected group who, like the responsible, law abiding citizens of this country, were being outed.

(click on image for full size)

I guess it’s ok to put at risk law abiding citizens but racist and inhumane to identify those who have broken the law.

So in reply to the assumption that anyone on the left (still) knows the difference between right and wrong, I believe that for the left, that line has so long ago been blurred that they just don’t care about right and wrong and certainly do not care about the rights of those that wish to protect ourselves and our families.

They care about only what makes them “feel” better about themselves.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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