I Gotta Be Me…

I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days (somewhat worse than my usual level of crappiness, probably because they had to change the medicines used to fight my illnesses), so this will be relatively brief, and previously promised blog posts will have to wait till another day, but I wanted to take a moment to direct you to THIS post at Da Tech Guy’s Blog about the persistent rumors that I am not, well, ME. So in addition to my identity thieving stalker trolls (who are leftists) who impersonate me in order to harass other Conservative bloggers and trash my reputation, I am plagued by people who on both the left and the right who keep saying that I am all kinds of other people, who I am not and who I have never been, despite the fact that there are years’ worth of stuff from me published under my real name online and archives from my blogs going back to 2010 where people could see quite easily that I could not possibly be the various people they have accused me of being.

It is all so stupid, but it keeps happening so it must be addressed yet again. If you think I am somebody else or you see “me” writing things that seem out of character for me, please feel free to ASK ME and I will do what I can to help clear things up for you. Now go read Peter’s post, and you can see video of me looking awful and being heavily medicated in the hospital this past fall when he came to visit me and obtain proof of my existence. Thank you.


PS In happier news, my fingernails have been slowly growing back, thanks to some helpful tips from readers and friends, so I at least have THAT going for me! 😉 Also, thanks to some very nice people who read this blog, it is nice and warm here at the Resister House. Thanks!

PPS Amusing Bunni could still use your help, read about her situation HERE and please stop by at her blog to leave her some encouraging words. Thanks again.

PPPS I’m still going to do an addendum post to this year’s Zilla Awards, but everyone should know that The Daley Gator is the Blog of the New Year to look for even more awesomeness in 2013.


This post is linked at Sentry Journal. Thank you, John!



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