“Do Something Even If It’s Wrong”

The Armed Citizen December 25, 2012
Zachary Rogers, 26, was working late one night at the 21st Amendment liquor store. It was just past midnight when an armed man wearing a ski mask entered the store and forced Rogers and another store employee, Alicia Grabarczyk, 25, down a hallway toward an office where the safe was kept. With a concealed handgun in his front pocket, Rogers chose his moment of opportunity carefully. In one quick motion, Rogers pushed Grabarczyk to the floor and fired at the armed robber. He then helped Grabarczyk into the office and out of the line of fire. Although the burglar had been struck, Rogers saw him raise his firearm. Rogers fired three more rounds at the gunman which proved fatal. Neither Rogers nor Grabarczyk were harmed. (Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, 10/11/12)

The Armed Citizen Extra
Around 5 a.m. on October 9, 2012, 72-year-old Jerry Duncan called police to report that he had fired a single shot at someone who had cut his electricity and was attempting to break into his home. Before Duncan fired he told the perpetrator to go away, but 51-year-old William Ragsdell of Lake Elsinore did not acquiesce. The shot was fatal, and Ragsdell died at 6:15 a.m. at the Inland Balley Regional Medical Center in Wildomar. (The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, CA, 10/9/12)

The Armed Citizen July 10, 2012
Willie White, 75, was watching a basketball game at about 1:15 a.m. when he heard a steady banging at his door. White armed himself with a rifle before an 18-year-old intruder was able to kick in the door. White said, “I was nervous—I figured if someone’s hostile enough to break your door down, he’s capable of anything. So once he came inside my house, I shot him.” The intruder sustained a single gunshot wound that proved fatal. His two accomplices fled the scene. (The Detroit News, Detroit, MI, 3/29/12)

Just three feel good stories from a NRA website and published in the NRA magazines “The American Rifleman” and “Americas First Freedom”, “The Armed Citizen” which documents but a fraction of the over 2 million instances per year of armed citizens protecting their lives and the lives of others with legally owned fireams.

Many more instances can be found here:
Which begs the question, why is the mass media ignoring these instances of law abiding citizens defending themselves? I guess it’s because death, destruction, and tragedy sell more papers or get better broadcast ratings.

In the rush to “do something” about “gun violence” in this country, politicians are coming up with all kinds of knee jerk, emotional, restrictive laws that do nothing to address the real problem of gun related violence perpetrated by the mentally unstable and criminal elements.

Instead, they are Hell bent on punishing the law-abiding firearms owners with straw arguments about magazine capacity, “scary looking” weapons with add ons that do absolutely nothing to contribute to the actual operation of the firearm in question.

Politicians, most notably, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel, (oddly enough in two cities/states that have the most restrictive gun laws in the country) with Chicago, (Obama and Emanuels’ home city), having the highest murder rate in the nation and Obama himself have armed security with, without a doubt, weapons with magazines holding more than 7-10 rounds, not to mention fully automatic weapons (machine guns), which is as it should be.

And let us also address the bleeding heart liberals in Hollywood and elsewhere, who can afford armed security and bodyguards, also as it should be, who so sanctimoniously demand that those who pay their wages by buying tickets to their performances, be disarmed or restricted as to their ability to protect themselves. Hypocrisy at its finest.

But they would deny law abiding citizens the same level of protection by restricting the amount of ammunition to be carried or possessed in their firearms.

What if a homeowner or citizen were confronted by more than one assailant? In the moments of an assault, fear and nerves would cause a victim to possibly miss more than once or stop only one assailant so when their 7 or 10 rounds have been expended they would become a statistic.

It seems that in the wake of any tragedy and not just “gun violence” instances, our vaunted “leaders” subscribe to the “do something even if it’s wrong” theory of “solving” the problem.

Stop punishing the law abiding for the acts of the law breakers.

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