Dang, But It’s Cold Here! – Oil Be Darned Edition

Today I woke with plans to do a Part II to the 2nd Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere because I had a lot of tech problems yesterday that made it impossible to edit or update the post and not only can I not do proper thanky linkbacks there without losing all the codes and formatting, in my frustration over said tech trouble I ended up publishing the post before I was able to include everyone who I wanted to include, people who I had thought were in the post but who turned out not to be, making me feel awful for the screwup. The plan is to do a Part II post to thank people who linked to me and to honor some great bloggers who I inadvertently omitted from the Part I post.

It snowed again last night and the cold snap we’ve been in since before Christmas has not ended, so the house was cold and I turned on the heat while I had some coffee and waited for the house to warm up. The house did not warm up. I went down to basement to check the furnace, and to my horror, I learned that we are out of heating oil and it could not come at a worse time! Our electric bill is due this week and we were already trying to scramble to get that covered, I am still buried in medical expenses and more pile up with each new doctor visit, round of medications, and supplements to try to fix me, and hubby’s paycheck is now smaller thanks to our genius ruling class jerks in DC who, while screaming about making “the rich pay their fair share”, ended up taking a bigger chunk from the paychecks of the working poor while giving all kinds of goodies to well connected and very wealthy cronies of our tyrannical overlords.

So here I am in my kitchen with the oven on, because breakfast must be cooked and the oven will at least warm up this room, and I’m a little freaked out because with no heating oil we have no hot water and I really need to take a shower. Hubby gets paid (a smaller paycheck) at the end of the week and it probably ain’t gonna cover oil AND electric. Happy freaking new year. I know we cannot fill the oil tank right now, but even a couple of gallons of diesel would be helpful in getting us some hot water and heat, and buy us a little time to sort things out.

I have electric portable heaters that can warm individual rooms, so the kids will be warm no matter what, and in a week or two we should have some better solutions worked out, but the oil running out today was an unpleasant surprise that arrived at a very bad time, so if you would like to help a blogger out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this, and if you can spare a prayer that we find a way out of this perpetual fiscal nightmare, that would be appreciated too. I am going to go cook breakfast now and then get that Part II post up for the Zilla Awards a little later today, so stay tuned for more fun and less whining from me in a few hours, regardless of the temperature.



Sorry for this annoying interruption to the Awards festivities. Celebrations will resume soon, so stay tuned….


This post is linked at Lowering the Boom. Thank you, Becca!


Update: Thank you to all of the nice people who helped! We should be OK (and warm) now.

I did not get to that Awards Part II post today; after I did this here post, I started getting really bad room-spinning dizzy spells that I’m still getting if I move a certain way or lay down or stand up or anything, I guess it’s an inner ear thing. Anyway, it has been coming and going but has eaten up much of my day, and then I got distracted by some psycopathic moron who is running around the internet making stuff up about me, claiming that I am not actually me that I am but some other person entirely despite the fact that my identity has been repeatedly established by credible people who have actually met me, or talked to me on the phone, or who I have given ALL of my private personal identifying information to so they could vet me, because stupid people have been accusing me of being various other persons who are not me for quite a while now and it is getting old.

I will write more on this new stupidness tomorrow maybe, and try to get to the other stuff I wanted to do, but for now it’s late so I am going to say good night. Thank you all for the help, kind words, and prayers, you saved the day and it means a lot. God bless you all.


This post is linked at The Daley Gator, who also honored me with the prestigious “Gutsy Blogger of the Year” award! Thank you, Doug!

Note: The Daley Gator is an awesome blog which kicks ass every single day and I am in awe of their awesomeness, but I inadvertently omitted them from the awards show post the other day due to the tech trouble I was having, so they will be getting a special award in the Zilla Awards Part II, along with some other fine people such as the courageous and kind Jamie Jeffords at the Eye of Polyphemus, which I will get to as soon as I am done doing some mom-stuff here. The little Girl Resister is sick again; she had a fever all weekend and is complaining about her ear again, the same one that was recently treated for an ear infection, the poor kid, so we may be making another trip back to the pediatrician today. Blogging will resume as soon as possible.

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