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This is something I’ve posted in shorter form as a comment on another blog.  There was much more that needed to be said, but the comment section of a blog wasn’t the place to say it.   Zilla has kindly agreed to let me borrow her soapbox for a day so I can do it right.

Gentlemen, you may be excused if you’d like, because this post is directed primarily toward the ladies.  Feel free to repair to the study with a snifter of brandy and a good cigar.  However, if you have a lady in your life you care deeply about you might want to read on.  For the truth is, what I’m about to advocate doesn’t stand a chance without your support.

This post is about guns.  It’s going to be difficult to write.  I’m a gun owner and inherent caution keeps shushing me.  “Don’t talk about it!” the little voice inside says.  “You don’t want ‘them’ to know.”  Well, ‘they’ already know because I’ve done everything according to the rules… gotten the permit to purchase, registered the gun, completed the course and been certified for concealed carry.  The paper trail on my gun and me is long and well-documented.  It is also a matter of public record here in my state but that’s fodder for another post.  So it’s time to come out of the gun closet and share what I’ve learned with women…and yes, men…who might be reluctant to enter the ranks of gun carriers.

Ladies, WE are the best hope our country has for defense against shooters like the ones we’ve seen recently.  Where do women go?  We go to the mall.  We go to our kids’ schools.  We go to the movies.  We go out to eat. These are the places the shooters go.  We’re already there.  We need to make our presence count.  Yes, schools are problematic right now but with our help that’s going to change.

We women are the perfect solution to the problem of a deranged shooter.  We’re already carrying the holster…our purse…and it allows us the element of surprise.  What gunman expects Mom to whip a 9 mil. out of her purse?  Your purse has several advantages.  You have no cumbersome shoulder holster under a buttoned-up coat, no heavy weight at the waist dragging your pants down, no ankle holster making shorts impossible. Your purse probably already weighs a couple of pounds.  What’s another one?

I want to urge every last woman here who lives in a state allowing concealed carry to get her permit ASAP.  Gentlemen, this is where you come in.  You have to tell us it’s okay.  Women are inherently reluctant to use guns.  I don’t know if it’s something in our genetic makeup, cultural conditioning or just a basic aversion to things that go “BANG!” but for most of our lives we have depended on you for our protection.  You’ve done a pretty good job of it over the years but, like the police, you can’t always be right there when we need you and the world is becoming more dangerous with each passing day.  What we need from you now is your understanding and, even more, your support.  If you love us, help arm us.

Getting your permit is incredibly easy.  Take the simple NRA course.  You can do that locally with any certified instructor.  Your county sheriff or local gun shop can put you in touch with an instructor.  In some states you can complete it online.  The course is easy.  There’s not a woman I’ve ever met on a blog who couldn’t pass it with half her brain tied behind her back.  After you’ve received your certificate of completion, take it to your county sheriff’s office (or courthouse or wherever) and fill out the application for a concealed carry permit.  It’s short and sweet and will take only a few minutes.  They’ll notify you when your permit is ready.  Pick it up.  Admire it.  It’s a heady experience…one every woman should have.

Now, get online or go to a gun show and buy a nifty leather purse with a pocket for your gun.  The range of possibilities is vast.  For examples, you can go here:

The purse you buy will depend on the gun you have…or will get.  If you don’t have a gun, get one at that same show or from a local dealer.  Your permit to carry also allows you to purchase.

And that’s a whole ‘nother story.  Are you a ruffles-and-lace kind of woman?  Get a nice pink gun.

Yes, they make them and in high-quality models.  No-nonsense type?  Get a 9 mil. pistol.  Worried about the “kick”?  A .22 won’t break your wrist and a small bullet is better than no bullet.

Now, stuff that thing in your special purse, locked and loaded, zip it up and venture forth to your favorite department store.  This is where it gets interesting.

The first thing you will find is that you’re nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  You’ll walk up to that door and your liberal leftist conditioning will kick in with a vengeance.  “I can’t go in there!  I’ve got a gun!”  Yes, you do and you’ve also got a license that says it’s perfectly okay.  After all, you’re going in there to buy a bra, not to shoot someone.  For about a month you’ll be constantly aware that you’re carrying and wondering, “Do they KNOW?”  You’ll feel self-conscious every time you cross a threshold armed…like you’re doing something wrong even though you have that license.  Libs Leftists work hard to make you feel that way.  Don’t be surprised that they’ve been so successful.

Then a funny thing will happen.  One day you’ll have to go to the post office or some other place that requires you to leave your gun behind and you will feel as horrible as you do in that dream where you suddenly realize you are out in public stark naked.  On that day you will understand completely what I’m writing here.

You know that “well-regulated militia” the Second Amendment refers to?  That’s not some nebulous group of “gun nuts” who get together on a weekend.  It’s US.  You and me.  The citizens of the United States of America.  The right to own a gun is granted to us by our Constitution but like every other ability, if we do not use it we will lose it.

We women owe it to our country as well as ourselves to stop depending on the guys or the police (who are minutes away when seconds count) for our security and that of our kids.  We are the answer.

Now, step up and start carrying your own…weight.


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