2nd Annual Zilla Awards – Part II

2nd Annual Zilla Awards

Because there is just so much awesomeness in the Dextrosphere that one post wouldn’t suffice, and also, because there were technical issues that left me unable to edit or update the original Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere post. In my frustration of trying to get the blog to do what I wanted it to do without losing all the codes and formatting in that post, I had wrapped it up earlier than I intended to and some very good bloggers who I wanted to give awards to were inadvertently not included. I promised a Part II post to try to remedy that issue, so below you will find some more award winning bloggers who may claim their widget in at THIS LINK, because if I try to put the code in this post, I’ll just have the same problems all over again. I apologize for the problems with the first post, and for the delay in getting this one up.

Here are the rest of this year’s winners (apologies in advance to awesome bloggers who get left out this time, but I can’t remember everybody, so you’ll just have to try harder to work your way into my brain to increase your odds for being included in the THIRD Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere which should appear in January of 2014):

Blog of the New Year to go to for even more awesomeness in 2013: The Daley Gator

Courage and Perseverance Award: Eye of Polyphemus

Good Humor Award: Woodsterman and Three Beers Later

Best Badass Blogging by an Automaton: Mind-Numbed Robot

Racism Realism Award: The Big Lie on Parade

Awesomeness Anywhere Award: Lowering the Boom and Jackie Wellfonder (great bloggers who moved to new sites in 2012)

Amazing Awesomeness Award: Randy’s Roundtable

Boudicca Award: Ironic Surrealism

Royally Awesome Awesomeness: Blog de KingShamus

Whole Lotta Awesome Goin’ On Award: Common American Journal

Fun Use of Foul Language Award: doubleplusundead

Best Angry Blog: Cold Fury

Anti-jihad Awesomeness: Dodo Can Spell

Quick Hits of Awesomeness: Small Dead Animals

The above blogs are super awesome, I am sorry that they weren’t included in Part I of this Awards show, but it is my great honor to recognize their awesomeness here in Part II. Part I is HERE, last year’s winners’ list is HERE. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!


Thanky linkbacks to blogs that have linked to the Zilla Awards Posts (if you linked and I missed you, please let me know & I’ll fix it!):

The Lonely Conservative, Atlas Shrugs, Doug Ross, Blazing Cat Fur, im41.com, The Anti Liberal Zone, The Camp Of The Saints, Hogewash!, motorcitytimes.com, Blur Brain, The Mad Jewess, Call Me Stormy, WyBlog, The Daily Pundit, Lady Liberty 1885, ConMom, IowaDawg, lgstarr, Political Clown Parade, Knuckledraggin My Life Away, Pirate’s Cove, Adrienne’s Corner, Maggie’s Notebook, Diogenes’ Middle Finger, Troglopundit, The People’s Cube, iOwnTheWorld.com, The Lonely Libertarian, SentryJournal, Jackie Wellfonder, Fishersville Mike, Da Tech Guy’s Blog, Woodsterman, Rick’s Conservative Blog, Rick’s Rants, Sultan Knish, EBL, Lowering the Boom, Blur Brain again, Pirate’s Cove again, and, Eye of Polyphemus. Thanks, everyone!



Bruce O’Hara won a Zilla Award for his awesome daily E-Blast emails that are filled with great links, pics, and information, and he now has a blog where you can view his daily missives, so go check out The E-Blast for a daily dose of awesomeness.

Lisa Graas at Catholic Bandita won the Zilla Award for Best Catholic Blogger, but in the Part I of the awards posts, I accidentally linked her old url and I cannot edit the Part I post. The correct url for Catholic Bandita is CatholicBandita.com.


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