When Frying Pans Are Outlawed……………….

Here we go again.

Every time some lunatic kills someone with a gun, the hue and cry from the left begins again. Like clockwork. And then the stupid arguments start: “If there were no guns he/she/they would be alive today” being one of the stupidest on record. And now we have two sports geniuses pontificating on the dangers of firearms.

SPORTS figures!

I guess Costas and the other moron, Whitlock and now CNN “analyst” Michael Wilbon haven’t been getting their share of publicity so in their “minds” it’s time we create an uproar on an issue we know absolutely nothing about so we get some face time.

A suggestion boys: Stay with the stick and ball stuff you are so dedicated and obsessed with. You are out of your league on this subject. Just hide behind those armed guards you have on your payroll and shut the Hell up. No one needs any advise or opinions from developmentally arrested children who never left the playground such as yourselves.

Oh……..and that goes for you Whorleyweirdos who “feel” that we need to hear what you spew from your big, fat bazoo as well.

Those who use this statement and many other really stupid statements regarding guns are apparently ignoring the fact that there are many other things that can be and have been used to commit murder. Knives, baseball bats, cars, rolling pins, a frozen leg of lamb, ok that one was the subject of an Alfred Hitchcock short but I’m sure many of you already knew that, but the point being, there is one weapon that hardly anyone ever thinks of.

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Enough!! Support your right to bear pans!!

Join the NFA (National Fryingpan Association) today!


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