What Can be done To Change The Course We’re On?

Guest post by Whoopie

What Can be done To Change The Course We’re On?

Don’t just do something…stand there!

Intended as a humorous rejoinder, the truth is, sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action. This is especially true when any of the possible solutions are no better than doing nothing at all.

Running off half cocked just for the sake of doing something often only makes matters worse.

This is the situation we find ourselves in today. Any effort by the GOP to compromise or negotiate with the regime only puts them in the position of appearing to sanction whatever disaster the regime’s policies will engender.

Far better for Conservatives in government to go Galt. Just sit back, refuse to take part, let the chips fall where they may and most importantly, let the regime fully own the outcome.

Oh sure, the Left will blame whatever problems that arise on the Right’s refusal to play a role, but in time it will become increasingly difficult to sell that to the people.

Eventually the people will grow weary of the constant blame game. They will ask “If capitalism was the cause, why did it work so well for over 200 years?” and “You’ve had your way for 10 or 15 years now, you’ve taxed the rich, regulated small business out of existence and dictated every aspect of our lives, yet things haven’t improved, when is Socialism going to deliver on it’s promises?”

In the 30 plus years I’ve been paying attention to politics I’ve learned one thing: The Democrat Left never knows when to quit when they’re ahead, they always push things to the extreme and the people who at first fell for their snake oil, sooner or later begin to suffer message fatigue and that fatigue soon grows into resentment and finally backlash.

Some nations, those who have never known prosperity can endure Socialism for decades. But Americans are an impatient lot. They want instant gratification. They want to see results and when do they want it? NOW!

Ironically, for the Democrats, the very pop-culture they’ve promoted to bring about their vision of a dystopian future they think they can rule over is the very vehicle for this juvenile impatience.

It’s been said that there was no way to compromise with Hitler, Germany had to be bombed into rubble. Only then could a free Germany be rebuilt from that rubble.

I’m afraid we’ve reached that point with America now. The Brown Shirts are firmly in control. Their thugs, emboldened by the regime rule the streets beating their political opponents (just ask Steven Crowder to name one of many).

The German people fell for the Nazi snake oil, the promises of a better world to come under their rule. There was nothing that would dislodge Hitler until the people finally suffered National Socialism burnout.

The Germans were lucky, it only took about 4 years thanks to the allies’ ruthless prosecution of WWII. Short of world war, it may take a decade or more, but the outcome here will be the same.

So as far as I’m concerned, let the regime have it’s way in every regard. Let them raise taxes and spend like drunken sailors. Let them try and ban salt, sugar, fat and even guns. The war on drugs and poverty have been such a success I’m sure the war on guns and butter will fare no better.

The dirty secret about being in power is that you can only claim to be the authorities when the people willingly comply. The laws you enact must be reasonable and acceptable to the masses, because non-compliance breeds contempt for the law and authority. No regime can claim to be in control when the common citizens regard them as a joke.

What brought down the Soviet regime? First they made promises they couldn’t keep. They taxed and spent with no regard of their national debt. The citizens realizing there was no point in hard work began to slack off (go Galt). In whispers, hushed tones and written on bathroom walls, the people began to mock the ruling regime. Contempt for authority grew like weeds, the black market flourished. Eventually the rulers could no longer sustain the illusion that they were in control.

The more people who laugh at the king and his men behind their backs, the more the king’s authority shrinks until, like Assad in Syria or Gahddafi or Saddam Hussein he finds himself the ruler of nothing but the hole he’s hiding in.


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