The Blogger’s Rules For Defeating Liberals Leftists

After losing to Obama twice, I decided to ask some of the best bloggers what they thought we could do differently.

Below is a short summary of what they feel like would be the best approach (tips, tactics, what to do, what not to do, attack strategy) for enabling conservative bloggers to help conservatives win more elections.

“War!” Andrew Breitbart

Rule 1 – Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) – A complete reevaluation of the opposition strategy is needed. The Republicans have failed. The Republican Party has failed. The left controls the media, the government, the educational system, and the pop culture. Obama’s reelection is the fruit of 50 years of hammering at the American psyche to destroy American exceptionalism.

Those who are left who still believe in it have to go over the heads of all the centers of power, appeal directly to the people, and formulate new groups and organizations that bypass the corrupt and compromised entities.

The Tea Party did this but failed when the media crushed it. Our only hope is to attempt such an organization anew and decisively throw off old attitudes and perspectives and ways of doing things, refusing to accept the media paradigms, and forming a world view and perspective that is a true alternative to socialism and statism. If we cannot or do not do this, all is lost.

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Updates by Zilla:

I can’t stand to see them called “liberals” because there is nothing “liberal” about them. Words matter, as they say. Call ’em what they really are: LEFTISTS. The edit to the title is from me, because I don’t want to see the freaks called by their preferred misnomer at any place that I have editorial control over. Sorry, BC, hope you don’t mind! Now everyone should go read the rest of BC’s awesome post at his place, HERE.

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