Gun Confiscation Option Scrutinized by Michelle Malkin

As usual Michelle Malkin is spot on.

These radicals feel emboldened, and they have good reason to be. All it would take for Americans to lose the right to keep and bear arms is an executive order in front of a bad congressional election in 2014.

As it stands, the bill may very well die — for now — but that is irrelevant. Because these gun grabbing commies know exactly what they are doing. This bill is all about acclimating the people to the gun control discussion so that later it will seem less radical when they actually do it.

Make no mistake, they are eventually going to try to ram European gun laws down our throats like they just did socialized medicine. Something most people thought they could never do, but succeeded even with a majority of Americans fighting tooth and nail to stop them.

We should push back (RIGHT NOW) so hard that every politician knows that it will be political suicide to even hint like they might side with these people.

Right now is NOT the time to be saying they can’t or they won’t, because this is just the beginning.

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