“Glenn Beck Is A Thief” – Pamela Geller


This sort of thing happens all of the time. The smaller the blog, the more likely it is, and the less you can do about it. It even goes on im41. I have a very well known fan who makes a habit of republishing my stuff — minus the typos and grammar mistakes.

I long suspected it, but was only able to confirm it when he started lifting the pics as well. I took video screen shots to use as pics: careful to grab the image while a hand was in motion, magnified one dot down to pix, counted the pix to the 8 possible measurements from the edges and waited. He was pretty much busted, as grabbing a screen shot of a moving object in the exact same point of time, and then cutting it down the exact same as I could never happen. The chances are a zillion to one; he did it six or eight times.

When I sent him an email asking for attribution he ignored it. Regular readers know who it is, but I am not going to further expose the blog, because I love it. It does a lot of good fighting the liberal media.

I am sorry to hear that Beck does the same thing.

BTW – I am not going to get into it, but he stole the Pee-Pee Obama idea off of Jimmy Z who blogs im41.com. He was livid in an email he sent back when Beck first pulled his pee stunt.

I don’t know if he can prove it, so I will leave it to him to rant if he wants – I do however still have his email from when it happened.

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