Can’t Even “Hang On By My Fingernails”

Because they’ve all fallen off. ALL OF THEM, right down to the tender pink nail beds which are now angry, inflamed and horribly painful. You have no idea how useful fingernails are and how much they are taken for granted until you are forced to life your life without a single one.

It started a few weeks ago, when the systemic mycosis (exacerbate by all the antibiotics I was on for the tick diseases) kept getting worse, and despite my pleas the doctor would not increase the medicine which kills it. I had been all crippled up with indescribable pain in my lower back that only eased up around the time I could take the mycosis killing medicine, so I figured that is what the problem was, but it got worse and worse and worse, and my fingernails were peeling off – not just the tips but the entire nails, in flakes, until my nails were paper thin and catching on everything which would cause them to tear and peel off even more.

I called my doctor last week damned near hysterical begging them to either change the mycosis killing drugs or increase them and the finally agreed to a slight increase and also advised me to abruptly stop all the antibiotics and also the Mepron (which I’ve been taking for Babesiosis). Going off the antibiotics suddenly did all kinds of stuff to my body that was not fun, and the pain in my bones went crazy, but my stupid nails continued to fall off and now they are gone, only little stubs remain which do not entirely cover the nail beds, and the exposed nail beds freaking hurt like hell.

Try dealing with the packaging on children’s Christmas toys when you have no nails and the tips of your fingers are soft painful angry things, or opening any package, or picking up small items, or scratching an itch. It sucks. It’s hard to type because my fingers HURT so badly, so you all may not hear from me for a few days while I wait for those sore inflamed exposed nail beds at my fingertips to calm down and toughen up. Every single thing my fingers touch causes PAIN. It really really sucks. I’d consider getting tips put on but while it would temporarily solve one problem, it would likely just make the cause of the peeling worse, I don’t know what to do. And everything else still hurts too, but to be a lady with ugly angry fingertips is as depressing as it is frustrating and painful.

I used to have pretty hands – they ain’t so pretty now.

So if you happened to be wondering why nobody has heard from me in a while, now you know. Please forgive typos and bad grammar, and also the whining. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

If you have any suggestions that might be helpful to minimize the pain and annoyance or to help make the nail stumps stop peeling so they can hopefully grow back, please leave them in comments below.



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