Bill Blackwood: Pearl Harbor survivor

Profiles in courage and heroism: Bill Blackwood. Former barnstormer
and Pearl Harbor survivor

Only part of the story of a man whom I am proud to say I knew personally and called friend. Bill was the uncle of my lady friend of 23 years whom we lost on Sunday, January 13, 2008. He was a member of the “Greatest Generation” and it is fitting that we pay homage to these men that lived through the horrors of war to insure that the rest of us could live in peace. Some went on to go home, go to work, raise families and slip into obscurity, content to have “done the job” they were tasked with.

Others, like Bill Blackwood, were not content with the status quo and set out, despite the challenges that they were presented with, to change that status quo and continue to fight for freedom in other areas of life.

Having had several opportunities over time, to talk to Bill and his widow Dot and other relatives and friends, I can only relate this small snapshot of his life and accomplishments. There is so much more.

When I originally published this article at DBKP on 13JANUARY2008, there were over 30 comments from friends, relatives and those whom his efforts and determination were freed to fly the skies that Bill so loved and opened up to them once again.

Unfortunately, with the demise of DBKP, all those comments and testaments to Bills courage have sadly disappeared.

The DBKP article from 13JANUARY2008:

Bills account of the attack:

May God bless them and hold them in His ever loving arms forever.


Update by Zilla:

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