A Week Before Christmas…

And I still don’t have the tree up, the plan is to remedy that situation later today. The delay comes from my having been flattened for over a week by pain from my stupid sickness, and then my kids got normal people sick – the girl had a fever since Sunday that finally broke this morning and the boy now has a fever but they have both been icky and grumpy for days.

So I am behind on getting the Resister House festive, and with my still being buried financially due to my incredibly annoying health issues, I am also short on things that would help make things more holiday-ey, such as by making yummy stuff for everyone’s enjoyment (I can’t really get much in the way of interesting ingredients these days due to the outrageously high food prices around here, it is all I can do just to keep basic necessities in stock). But despite that, I am grateful that I have my precious family with me to celebrate Christmas even if it will be a lean celebration, because the day isn’t supposed to be so much about “stuff” anyway and while we have little in the way of material things we do have a whole lot in the way of love, so we will celebrate that and count our blessings.

Although Christmas is just a week away, there is still time for people to shop from the comfort of their homes and get amazing savings at my Amazon stores, you will enjoy convenience and savings, and just like the rest of my blogger friends who have Amazon affiliate accounts, I will get a small commission from the sales. (Of course there is also still time to hit the tip jar if you really want to help make Christmas more Merry for us here!) Below are some of the specials that Amazon is having this week along with some items of interest from the Dextrosphere that will hopefully keep you well informed and amused while I am busy trying to make The Lil’ Resisters feel better and also trying to make things look a little bit hollier and jollier around here. Oh, speaking of the Dextrosphere, the 2nd Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere are coming soon, so stay tuned!

And now, some links of bloggy awesomeness and some clickable graphics that will take you to awesome deals:



White Noise – Bride of Rove

Tolerant, open-minded gun-control fans wish for murder against NRA head and members – Phineas at Sister Toldjah

God Help Us … Celestial Junk

Making our point yet again – Cold Fury



Mayans ‘Full of Shit’ say Experts from within Lead-lined Bunker – Diogenes’ Middle Finger

Jihadist Declares Christians Must Convert To Islam Or Die (video) – Daphne Anson

New Jersey Papa John’s robbed by hijabis – Creeping Sharia

Thug Life in the Police State – Daily Pundit


Last Chance to Nominate your favorite blogress . . . . . . for the 2012/13 Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Competition – Gay Patriot

THE END IS NEAR: 10 Terrifying Truths About the National Debt – Doug Ross @ Journal

US Marine Imprisoned in Mexico Needs Your Help (Video) – Nice Deb

What’s My Narrative? – The Camp Of The Saints

“The real cost of Obama’s $1.6 trillion tax hike” – Protein Wisdom


#Newtown: ‘Exotic Weapons’? Nope. – The Other McCain

The World Breaks Everyone, And Afterward, Some Are Strong At The Broken Places – Political Clown Parade

More Lunacy From The EPA – Keeping Water Out Of Creeks – The Lonely Conservative

CBS Chicago Newscaster calls real quotes from Osama Bin Laden, Turkey Prime Minister, Fort Hood jihadi, Time Square bomber “mock testimony” – Atlas Shrugs

Swedish Teen Girls Riot Over Call for ‘Sluts’ on Instagram – Blazing Cat Fur



Tales from the Obama economy, Christmas trees already discounted because no one is buying them – WyBlog

Egypt, Star Trek, and other Fiscal Cliff and Benghazi distractions – Temple of Mut

Oh Deer – iOwnTheWorld.com



Our Next Historic President – Moonbattery

Twitter Attacks: Jake Tapper and Dana Loesch – Riehl World News

Like Mysteries? Check Out Joy McCann’s New Blog – Conservative Commune

Tale of Three Sherlocks – Tea Cozy Mysteries


I hope you will enjoy the above links and shopping opportunities. Here’s one more before I go off to tend to my mombligations, enjoy:




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