“Team Obama”: Ignoring the 900-Pound Gorilla

Below is a graphic that is currently enjoying wide circulation on Tumblr with 22,200 “re-blogs” (that’s like “share” on Facebook) at the time of this posting. The arrow in the upper left corner of the graphic is designed to point to the name of the person who re-blogs it.

I re-blogged it, too…but with a special text attached (see below). I will continue to re-blog it with this text until election day. I ask that you share this text (but please credit me, KEIKO SHIMIZU) as far and wide, and as often as you can over the next several days. Share it on any social media where there are Democrats and Obama supporters. Share it also with Romney supporters so that they too can share it wherever there are Obama supporters. 

You’re on Team Obama?

Because you like a man with the blood of 4 innocent Americans on his hands: Benghazi? A man who responded “stand down” to the pleas for help of 4 Americans being overrun by dozens of terrorists. Four men who died gruesome deaths because Obama chooses Muslim interests over American interests.

Because you like a man who did the things written above and then spent almost THREE WHOLE WEEKS lying to the world over and over and over, blaming “that video” for the terrorist attack, even APOLOGIZING for “that video” at the United Nations? EVEN THOUGH he knew all along that the attack was planned and coordinated by Al Qaeda, and had NOTHING to do with “that video”. 

Because you like his Operation Fast and Furious which led to the deaths of 300 Mexicans and one US border agent?

Because you like that he and his administration haven’t created a budget in THREE-AND-A-HALF years?

Because you like that he added SIX TRILLION DOLLARS to our national debt?

Because you like that he has literally wasted billions of taxpayer dollars through investments in environmental scams that are now bankrupt and bleeding money?

Because you like that he used taxpayer dollars to back Egypt’s new political power, the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for the deaths of Jews, persecutes and kills Christians, tortures homosexuals, permits sex with under-age girls (“Islamic marriage” is allowed as early as age 9, but at least Egypt has the decency to hold off the legal age to 13), denies equality and human rights to women, and calls for the death penalty for those who “blaspheme the prophet” or abandon Islam?

This is the guy you are proud to advocate for on your blog? Sad, really. Irresponsible. Dangerous. If you are proud to advocate for him, will you also proudly explain your advocacy in light of the things I’ve written here? [Credit: Keiko Shimizu]

You must, must, must continue to push against the Obama supporters anyway you can. You must continue to state the facts about Benghazi, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (and how Obama has contributed BILLIONS to these human rights abusers), you MUST continue to point out Obama’s alliances with HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSERS (don’t talk so much about Islam, you will get more attention by talking about HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES against women, children, and homosexuals…liberals respond to this). You never know when something you write will change even one person’s decision. You CAN do something to help next week’s election. Your computer is a powerful weapon. 

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