“Scientists warn global warming will fuel spread of ticks that carry Lyme disease.”

Another global warming scare! (Thanks to Yahoo News Blog Daily Brew.)

But if you think you’re gonna find out why or how global warming is affecting the tick population, author Daren Jonescu advises:

Don’t read this news article for an answer. In fact, from the third paragraph on, the article is a straightforward discussion of the slow spread of the tick population into various southern regions of Canada, and the new risk of Lyme disease that this brings. There is no further mention of global warming, and no attempt is made to establish a significant relationship — or even a coincidental one — between the movements of the ticks and changes in mean annual temperatures in the relevant regions.

Hmmm…but why would any so-called science-oriented news report just throw the old global warming thing in there and then just drop the ball?

Makes no sense!

Apparently the mere thought of being called a “climate infidel” is enough to scare the pants off any self-respecting scientist or journalist these days. They apparently sprinkle the “gw” thing around like a salt shaker (the way so many people let you know how much they love Obama so you’ll know they’re not a racist).

In fact, Daren writes, you can even find over 600 things that global warming now causes (list grows everyday the way Obama-lovers seem to sprout up all the time).

Dr. Brignell (British engineering professor) is actually accepting new additions to the list so if you have any send them along here.

Maybe it’s caused by all the politicians in D.C. who are so full of hot air…

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