Rumor Madness: Obama Will Work with Romney on Economy?

That’s the rumor spreading now. Are you kidding me?? Do not believe this garbage, friends. Do not believe it. Obama said that in his speech last night to blow smoke up America’s ass and look like the good guy because he knows…HE KNOWS…he skated to victory by the skin of his teeth. He knows his win IS NOT DESERVED.

Obama doesn’t want to fix the economy. In four years he and his administration did not make ONE SINGLE move to heal the economy. They did not even create a budget during Obama’s entire first term…and rejected Paul Ryan’s budget when he made the effort to create one

  • Instead Obama added 6 trillion dollars to a deficit that was already grotesquely swollen. This was an act of aggression against American economic stability if there ever was one, as every person with common sense knows you don’t fix a debt problem by making the debt astronomically bigger. If you had a debt problem would YOU change your spending habits or would you borrow and spend MORE money?
  • Then Obama and his admin passed “Obamacare”, a healthcare law that America cannot afford. The cost will drive our economy into the ground with one final blow, and ruin our international reputation for providing extraordinary healthcare and medical research. We simply won’t be able to pay for high-quality healthcare. Instead we’ll pay for abortions and birth control. 
  • To add insult to all this Obama then poured BILLIONS into environmental scams such as Solyndra that went bankrupt and are still bleeding money. 
  • Obama also doled out billions of dollars to invade Libya (without Congressional approval), even though Libya did not threaten or attack us. Obama wanted to help Libya get rid of its tyrant ruler and put Islamic jihadists in his place. 
  • Obama also provided billions of dollars to back the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 
  • Obama has given millions to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas to “help the Palestinians create their own state”. This is something which the Palestinians have received money and support for the past 70 years and never lifted a finger to create a state. They STILL aren’t creating a state. Hamas just collects the money and uses it to fund jihad and prop up more Islamic dictators during the phony “Arab Spring”. 
  • Note that Obama refused help to Iranians begging for democracy and independence during their last Revolution. Obama referred to this Revolution as “a robust debate” while Iranian dissidents were slaughtered in the streets. He also refused to help South Sudan rebuild its new democratic, sovereign state after 25 years of genocide and mass rape committed against them by North Sudan’s Muslims. 
  • No money for democracy, only for Islamic radicals. No healing the US economy, only government spending and waste. The goal is total financial collapse so that the Left can grab control of every facet of American life. This is called MARXISM/TOTALITARIANISM. It’s what Obama was molded his entire useless, worthless life to become. 

To think that Obama is going to hire Mitt Romney or ANYONE ELSE to partner with him on economic issues is not only stupid thinking, it’s madness. 

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