John Boehner Cost The GOP The 2012 Presidential Election

It was a victory for the moonbats when the wishy-washy RINO republicans elected Bower as the speaker of the house. The first clue should have been when he spent his first week welling up in tears over his life achievements, when he should have been fired up over fulfilling the mandate that put him in that position in the first place!

They gave the ball to old Boehner to punch it in, after us leaving blood and teeth on the field, making a last quarter against all odds drive. And instead of scoring, he took a knee and started bawling over personally making the team. The Teaparty lost all momentum, and we ended up with the loser Romney.

I think that this bawling bastard is not only the reason we lost the Presidential election, I also blame him for the loss of the Senate seats. He has done nothing but snub real conservatives, and kiss Obama’s ass since he was put in that position.

He has been a disaster!

Right now is not the time to have this sentimental old fool as House Speaker. He needs to step down, get his crusty old ass out of the way and go get some help with that Low-T issue. He can go get all misty eyed about his career later on his own freaking dime.

And as he is leaving he needs to hand the ball off to someone who will go running out on the field and start knocking some dicks in the dirt.

Someone with bigger nuts, like Michele Bachmann.

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