Israel Defends Against Annihilation, World Tells Them To Use “Restraint”

Israel is under attack from genocidal islamic supremacists who announce repeatedly that “kill all the Jews” is their ultimate goal. Israel is defending itself from total annihilation but the world is telling the Israelis to “use restraint” while fighting for their survival against an enemy who promises to wipe Israel and all Jewish people from the face of the earth. Israel’s enemies are also America’s enemies; when they scream “Death to Israel”, “Death to America” tends to follow in the same breath, but America has as it’s president a man who has a long history of siding with islamic supremacist “muslim brothers” and empowering them around the world, and who urges Israel to use restraint while Israel tries to protect her people who are living under constant rocket attack from genocidal Hamas terrorists.

Israel has used incredible restraint, but how come nobody seems to be particularly interested in urging “restraint” from the islamic terrorists who are firing rockets at Israeli homes and schools? Oh that’s right, because hyperviolent and perpetually enraged islamic savages are incapable of such a thing, apparently.

Here is a short and brilliant video from Steven Crowder that helps to explain what’s going on:

And here is a blog post from someone who is living under fire, this is what just one morning looks like for one innocent person in Southern Israel:

..I woke up in the morning.. put the kettle on …I would like a coffee … then … red alert … ran for cover … and then … boom …. The whole house was shaking.
Back to the kettle … boiling the water again … pouring into glass … bringing the boiling cup to my lips…. Ouch … boiling … Red alert … spilled the coffee … ran for cover … and then … BOOM ….. the whole house shaking.
Giving up on the coffee …. Would like to go to the bathroom…. going in quickly …. Sitting down … red alert … run quickly for cover …… then BOOOM ….. The whole house shaking.
Another attempt … ran to the bathroom … Sitting down  .. Red alert …. Ran for cover ….. BOOOM… the whole house shaking …..
Third attempt … ran to the bathroom … Red alert … ran for shelter …… BOOM … the whole house shaking …
Fourth time … taking a step outside the shelter …. Red alert …. Back to cover…waiting… … BOOOM ….. BOOOM ….. BOOOM …. BOOOM … . Home shaking wildly.. Scary
Fifth time … out from the cover …. going to the bathroom …. Finally a success …… then again Red alert
Good Morning World


Can you imagine trying to live your life like that? Maybe you can leave some kind words of support for Rita at this link. Please pray for Israel and her people.

Update via Jihad Watch: Israel ground operation in Gaza imminent: “The forces are ready. Everything is prepared.”

May Israel be victorious and her people be protected.


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