Fighting Words

A week after Obama “won” the “election” (why the quotation marks? Stay tuned for new post about that later), here are some things to encourage you to keep fighting…

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:

There is nothing to be done but fight more fiercely, more passionately. Because we are right and we are righteous and we fight for the good. It’s just that simple.

This is not new. We have seen this before. Every historic catastrophe was preceded by this same pattern. It is only when good people quietly accede to fascism and totalitarianism that the war is lost.

So take a breather, regroup, and fight, fight, fight. When the enemedia lies and deceives, we will be there, When the Obama regime tries to impose restrictions on free speech (blasphemy laws), we will storm the Capitol. We will take to the streets and we will fight for our freedom. It is incumbent upon us. If nothing else, gridlock can be a wonderful obstacle.

America is still the greatest country on earth and she is worth fighting for. We have soldiers dying in the jihad theater, they deserve nothing less from us. Ramp it up. Cede no ground. Take lessons from the left. Be a pitbull.

Soldier on, my dear, sweet patriots. It is up to us. Yes, it is dark. Be the light. Shine on. RTWT

Dave Blount at Moonbattery:

It’s tempting after an occurrence as soul-wrenchingly disgusting as Obama’s reelection to withdraw into despair. But liberalism doesn’t withdraw; like rust it never stops corroding everything of value. The less resistance liberals encounter, the faster things will get even worse — and no matter how bad they get, they can always get worse. Joe Dan Gorman of Intellectual Frog Legs reminds us what Thomas Paine had to say about Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots:

The alphabet networks did more than anyone to rot our culture to the point of Barack Hussein Obama not being laughed off the ballot. Don’t forgive them. MORE HERE

Joe Dan’s new site also has a sister-blog, Boiling The Frogs, with some commentary to accompany the above video (excerpt below):

The American people elected to follow the Europeans down the fiscal crapper…and conservatives are either scrambling to figure our what is wrong OR they have lapsed into an apathetic funk.

Snap out of it.

To be humbled is NOT to be defeated…and giving up is not an option.  This is a NEW America… and we’re going to need new ideas and new behaviors.  We gotta place our faith in God, and we have to be smart.

So come in from the ledge and put the gun down…   RTR

One of Joe Dan’s new ideas includes that we stop giving money to people who hate us and instead do business with their freedom loving competitors. There’s a new facebook page for that, see: Friends of Freedom.

It wasn’t just the left and their enemedia puppets who did this to us though, they had plenty of help from the spineless jellyfish of the establishment GOP who perpetually refuse to stand up for the people who put them in their jobs just as they neglect to do the job of representing the values of the people that they were hired to represent. They have rolled over for the left and let Obama run roughshod on this country again and again and again, afraid to stand up against tyranny for fear of being called names that they got called anyway.

The establishment GOP has done everything it could to marginalize effective Conservative voices in the Republican Party and they continually betray their oaths of office while ceding ground even when they had the advantage. Immediately after the big Conservative victories of 2010, the Republican Party appeared to have forgotten that they’d won and returned to acting like scolded dogs with tails placed firmly betwixt their legs.

Led by mewling surrender monkey, Cryin’ John Boehner, the establishment GOP has declined to fight for conservatives at every opportunity and now they deserve the full force of out wrath.

I suggest that we burn the establishment GOP down to the ground (and dance on the ashes), via primary elections, and that we immediately get to work at finding suitable brave, and competent, people to challenge these braying jackasses in every Republican primary at every level of government every chance we get from now on. This year’s election season has ended, but hunting season is just beginning – and we’re hunting RINOs.


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