Exciting Cyber Sales Week!

Today is Cyber Monday, the big online sales day, but the savings are on all week through my Amazon links! You can help a blogger out (I get a small commission), save money, and avoid the crowds and it’s awesome! I’d be cyber shopping today if I didn’t get buried in bills from almost dying last month. Oh well, stuff happens. In addition to the Amazon specials, I am offering cyber week deals on ad space, if you are interested in placing an ad at the Zilla Blog or at BatshitCrazyNews.com, I’ll place your ad at the other site too, free of charge! You’d be Batshit freaking Crazy not to take advantage of it!

Shop Amazon – Hot New Releases – Updated Every Hour

Shop Amazon – Hot New Releases – Updated Every Hour


This post is linked at the incredible Evil Blogger Lady, who has some awesome pics from the inside of Amazon! Thanks, EBL!



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