After the Hospital and After the Storm

I was still pretty messed up when they finally let me leave the hospital, and then big bad Super Storm Sandy tore through here and left us disconnected and in the dark, and when I wasn’t dealing with that then I have been dealing with doctor’s appointments (Thursday was the 100 mile round trip to my specialist, a drive which always kicks my butt anyway and in my weakened condition has put me practically in tears from the post travel physical pain), so that is why I haven’t been back to give the thanky-linkies to my fellow bloggers and it is also why I am behind on emails (including thank you emails to the kind people who have helped me by hitting the tip jar). Please accept my apologies for the delay! I will be trying to catch up on emails in the coming days as my stamina allows and hopefully will be back to normal blogging and posting to the A-C page again soon.

My missing cat Kylie was found under a woodpile near the swamp in the woods the day after the storm – ALIVE – and she appears to be no worse for wear, although she was covered with ticks, which as you can probably imagine kinda freaked me out just a little bit!

I am still having trouble concentrating, I am very tired,  and my hands are bothering me, which makes typing a hassle, so here is a paste of a message I left at the A-C page on Thursday that explains a little of what’s been going on with me:

Dear A-C page fans: ICYMI, I was in the hospital and then offline due to #Sandy blackout. Still dealing w/doctors…

All the blog posts here have been from other writers at my sites. I have missed a lot! Today I make the 100 mile drive to my specialist. That ride always kicks the crap out of me and I am still very weak from almost dying a few days ago. Hopefully my car will behave. I am dreading my hospital bill when it comes after 4 days in the Respiratory Care Unit! It cost two hundred dollars to fill the prescriptions they sent me home with. Now I am off to the specialist and need to put gas in the car to get there, pay for the appointment and then fill whatever scripts THEY give me. I am hoping that once this is over I can go back to writing regularly and find some paying freelance work, but in the mean time, I could really use some help if you can spare it! Please be aware that despite my absence, my co-bloggers have been busy and traffic has been good at and at and because I designed the pages myself, I can put custom ads in any size or shape absolutely anywhere that someone might like to have them and that I do sell ads, so if you would like to buy some ad space, please contact me and I will give you a special deal! I do prefer to earn than to bleg, even though right now I am in the position of having to bleg. Please consider helping a little bit if you can, or if you have a business or a message that you’d like lots of people to see, let me know and I’ll custom design you something spiffy at a great price! I know how to build websites as well so if you like what you see at my sites and want to hire a person on the cheap to set something like that up for you, it would be an honor to do that for ya. :)
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and helped me thus far. I am still sick, BUT I can see the end of illness from here, so please help push me just a little bit further towards the finish line so I can be HEALTHY when we celebrate Mitt Romney’s inauguration together!
I love you all and I missed you terribly while I was away!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Mare (Zilla)

PS I promise you all that, once I am well again after having been so sick for so very long, the old Zilla who you knew and loved before I became ill, who beat the snot out of the left and the the islamic supremacists on a routine basis, will be BACK and hitting them harder than ever! So helping me finish this thing will be an investment in wrecking shit up for the bad guys. ;)😉

As I said in the fb post, Thursday I saw my specialist. I am still in treatment for the tick-sick and it is still very expensive, but I do appear to be improving despite the side trip through lung-failure-land. I am thousands of dollars in the hole from the past month and a half of trying to stay alive, and it is only going to get worse when the bill for my stay in the hospital arrives. Thinking about it makes it hard to breathe and triggers panic attacks! Please help if you can, or consider hiring me for your custom ad or basic website needs, or recommending my services to someone you know who could use them.

I have had tabs open in my browser since the day I got home, even as my computer sat disconnected from the internet and with no power to it for days on end, and I need to clear them before my mind will let me get at anything else online, so here are links to blogs that linked me that I didn’t catch in my last post (sorry if I miss anyone, but my trackback thingy doesn’t often do what it is supposed to do), and some other items of interest that may be lurking in my browser tabs so I can close it out restart my computer before it gets all frozen up to annoy me:

The TrogloPundit expressed worry that the 2nd Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere might be derailed by my near demise. Fear not, Lance, I am home and there are still about 7 weeks or so remaining for people to impress me with their awesomeness as bloggers and/or their awesomeness towards me. 😉

I got Twitter SPAMMED the other night by the convicted domestic terrorist, known as The Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin’s unhinged sock puppet “Breitbart Unmasked”; Hogewash has the story. Whoever is running that BU Twitter account is clearly retarded and sucks at Twitter. Free advice for BU is HERE.

Sentry Journal included me in John’s fabulous weekly links round-up, HERE.

Pirate’s Cove has awesome links and a super cute pin-up HERE.

Conservative Hideout’s weekly linkaround is filled with bloggy goodness and super cool pics that Matt finds on facebook, HERE, including this one which I really like:

The Lonely Conservative shared good news about more Romney endorsements and also helped get the word out that I was back home (after very kindly letting all the Zilla Blog readers know about my hospitalization – thank you, Karen!).

Keiko held down the fort while I was away and continues to kick leftist asses. There is a lot of good Keiko stuff here at the Zilla blog, so just go to the homepage and scroll down to get some. Thank you, Keiko!

W.J.J. Hoge, Evil Blogger Lady, and Lady Liberty 1885 have been bringing the awesome to and I am forever grateful for it. The whole world has gone Batshit Crazy, and we have a blog for that!

The amazing and righteous EBL blogged me up some get well wishes from her place, HERE. Thanks, EBL, you’re the nicest cow EVER!

My beautiful friend LoopyLoo at My Blog blogged a prayer request for me, and it was reblogged by my friend Bob at Boudica, and my friend wdednh at You Decide. Thank you!

Whoopie at Waznmentobe wrote about me, and also Dan Riehl, and the fact that we are both going to need a LOT of help with Medical bills (money that was going to pay our electric bill has been used to help cover medications, actually a lot of bills have been put off to keep me alive, but the electric bill is the most pressing one at the moment). Thank you, Whoopie!

Dan Collins at The Conservatory has posts for me & Dan Riehl and about that RAAAAACIST Sandy, HERE and HERE. Thanks, Dan!

Blazing Cat Fur, my daughter’s favorite blogger, posted about me, HERE. Thank you, BCF!

The Daley Gator blogged prayer requests for me & Dan Riehl, HERE. Thanks, Doug!

A Time For Choosing blogged up the good news that I was home and that Dan was doing better, HERE. Thank you, Gary!

If I have missed anyone who has linked here, please accept my apologies. Once this blog post is finished, I think I will rest a bit and then try to get started on my thank you emails to the wonderful people who have so kindly helped out during this difficult time. Thank you all for the prayers, support, friendship, linkies, and assistance. I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating: I really do love you all and I missed you more than words can say while I was away. You are a treasure beyond measure.

Blog Hero Dan Riehl is back, so I’m going to wrap this post up by giving him the last word: go HERE and read the whole thing.


This post was featured in The Crockett’s Corner Daily online newspaper. Thank you, Bob!

This post is included in Larwyn’s Linx at Doug Ross. Thanks, Doug!

This post is linked at Conservative Hideout. Thank you, Matt!


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