Zilla’s In The Hospital

I heard from Zilla late in the day on Tuesday the 23rd and she wasn’t doing well. She told me (via email) that she could hardly breathe and her medicine wasn’t working. I hadn’t heard back from her and tried to email her yesterday with no reply. I didn’t want to call her house because they’ve had a lot going on and didn’t want to be a bother. She finally called me this morning from the hospital using Pete’s cell phone. He was there in her district earlier to catch up on the Nan Hayworth race and stopped by the hospital to see how she is doing. She doesn’t know when she will be able to go home. Her husband has had to take time off from work to watch the kids, so it would be a great big help if you could hit her tip jar. (It’s right over there, on the right.)

Anyway, I’ll just let her tell you in her own words what’s going on, since Pete was able to interview her while he was there.

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