VP Debate Follow-up: Share a Little, Laugh a Little

I really don’t want to get into the nuts and bolts of the debate back-and-forth from last night. I live-posted to my Facebook during the whole thing and then later had some fun looking through the graphics (you know I love graphics!) and memes mocking Biden (they were already up and running a mere 20 minutes into the debate!). So I thought I’d cheat a little and just share some of my FB posts from last night (in order of occurrence, so if you watched the debate they will make sense. If you didn’t watch the debate some will make sense and those that don’t will hopefully make you laugh anyway.) and some of the really great graphics.

The whole debate was a painful ordeal to sit through. I have to admit something, though: as much as I loathe and despise Joe Biden, and as much as I expected him to utter some absurdities, I truly wasn’t prepared for what happened. Biden totally and completely exceeded all my expectations. He was a complete clown, an utter minstrel. At one point he even became un-hinged. It was shocking to witness, a mockery of our country and of our democratic process. And Paul Ryan was a class act. Now, onward with my comments and some random graphics.

***LANGUAGE WARNING. If harsh language is offensive to you, you may wish to skip this post. ***

5 minutes to start: Ryan’s gonna be all over Biden tonight like flies on shit. Because that’s what Biden is.

Joe’s WONK EYE!!

Ol’ Wonky told his first lie in less than 5 sentence. This administration is NOT going to bring anyone to justice. This administration is NOT going to “get to the bottom” of anything.

God almighty. Joe thinks this is all laugh-worthy.

“This president has done everything he said he would do INCLUDING REPAIRING OUR ALLIANCES.” Delusional LIAR.

WONKY EYE, WONKY GRIN. I despise this clown.

“This administration has no credibility” — Ryan, on Iranian nukes issue

“Bluster”. – Biden, on the talk of Iran being close to a nuke

“A bunch of stuff. Malarkey. I’m Irish.” — Biden, again on the Iranians being close to a nuke

“Let’s all calm down here. *wonk grin* ” — Biden, Iran, nukes

“Loose talk” – Biden, Iran, nukes

*chuckle*  = Biden’s response to Ryan’s impassioned warning about war in middle east

“Math is fucking hard.” — Biden’s brain / “Blah blah blah.” — Biden’s mouth

SLAM!!!!!!!!!!! RYAN SCORES!!!!!! (“The Vice President KNOWS that sometimes things just don’t come out of a person’s mouth right.”)

“You stupid, tottering, old fool.” — Ryan’s brain

“What a pitiful goofball.” — Ryan’s face / “Job growth is some slow bullshit thanks to Obama.” — Ryan’s mouth

I love Ryan’s face!! Everytime Biden is speaking, Ryan’s got this awesome expression like he’s watching a retarded seal trying to do a trick. THIS IS THE FACE:


RYAN SLAMS AGAIN!!!!!! (“Mister Vice President, I understand you’re under duress to make up for a lost debate, but …. we shouldn’t interrupt each other.”) Here’s video!

“800 Million. Billion. Million. What’s the difference? Math is fucking hard.” – Biden

The disparity between these two men has never been more profound as right now.

“Math is so fucking hard.” — Biden / “This math is too fucking hard. Next question. OH FUCK, this is math, too.” –Martha / “Leave the numbers to me. I can count. OH HEY, I created an actual BUDGET.” — Ryan

“We’re working hand and glove.” (???)  — Biden on US support (of Islamists) in mid east

Biden hasn’t called Ryan BY NAME or by title (Congressman) even ONE SINGLE TIME. It’s always “my friend here”, a dismissive, passive-aggressive move if ever there was one.

Biden totally un-hinged.

(6 minutes later) Biden JUST referred to Ryan as Congressman. You got someone reading my wall, Wonky??

“Speeches. That’s what we get from this administration. Speeches, not leadership.” — Ryan has spoken

Martha and her 10th-grade questions. Oh, and in case you ever wonder why Martha interrupted Paul Ryan DOZENS of times and allowed Biden to do the same, here’s a clue.


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