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The Democrats’ Collective Post-Debate Malaise

“What the fuck just happened??”, cried every Democrat in America last night. 





Well then. 






Let’s get started:

Well, there’s Andrew Sullivan going apeshit, which I wrote about earlier today

Chris Matthews’ leg tingle is in rebellion against its master. Hissy fit ensues

Al Gore blames altitude on Barry’s piss poor performance.

Stephanie Cutter (Obama’s campaign manager) blames the moderator

Comedian Harry Shearer proposes that Obama failed…on purpose…so as not to offend women (???). 

University students who have been indoctrinated with a Democrat/Leftist agenda their whole lives, and specifically in Obama worship since their early teen years, are blaming Obama’s loss on “the public reacting with too much emotion”

National Journal has up a good laundry list of pissy Dems in fits over their One/Won coming off like a schoolboy geek being dressed down by the star quarterback. 

I’m sure there will be more to add later…

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