Mare’s in the Hospital/Blogging Will Resume

I’m so sorry to hear Mare is in the hospital. In a good way, I’m glad she’s receiving care because she was not going to get better being alone at home. I hope that many good people will take the time to send some much needed monetary help through her tip jar. Please remember: there is no amount that is too small. I think many people often don’t give because they feel they don’t have enough to offer to make a difference. You CAN make a difference. Even $5 makes a difference. I always say, “Whatever you can give a person is more than they had before you gave.” Put this into practical perspective: $5 is a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. $10 is bread, milk, and some ham to put on the bread. Or 10 people giving $10 is $100 for gas. Mother Teresa said that we should give…but give “until it hurts”, that the most generous giving is when you have to temporarily go without something so that someone else can have what they need.

I’ve been AWOL for the past week or so just because there hadn’t been anything that inspired me to jump on the blog and write. Lately I’ve been interested in the subject of cults, as I have become more and more convinced that the Democrat party is no longer just a political organization. It’s a cult. And I can prove it to you. I’m working on research for a big post on this. I hope you’ll look forward to it.

In the meantime I’ll get some other posts up soon. We’re getting so close to Election Day! It is a very exciting time but I’m also really nervous. I’m always nervous before election. There’s never been an election more important than this one. It is of paramount importance for our future. I do firmly believe that America is coming together–Republicans, fed-up Democrats, frustrated Independents, gays, straights, religious and secular–to send the fraud Obama a pink slip. The Cult can’t get us all in their clutches!

Message to Obama and his minions of Islamo-pandering Marxists:

See you again soon,

– Keiko


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