Liberal-Leftist Women and Their “Parts”

Have you noticed lately that Democrat women and other assorted femi-Leftist women can’t stop talking about their private parts? It’s not just American Democrats either (I’ll get to them in a minute). British actress Kate Beckinsale, lucky enough to have her entire film career handed to her on a silver platter by the American film industry (not British, because the big bucks are in the US), decided to reward the country that has given her everything she has (the aforementioned film career, plus an American husband and American-born children) by insulting Republicans, who make up roughly half of the total US population. In a video for Funny or Die, Beckinsale warns the women of America that electing Mitt Romney would be like “letting someone like your dad into your vagina”.

Disgusting. How dare she. We have a take a lot of shit from our own countrymen. The last thing we should ever, ever tolerate is taking shit from someone who isn’t even a part of our election process.

But let’s put this pro-abortion British bimbo’s smear of American women on the back-burner for now. The greater issue is WTF is up with this obsession Leftist women have with their vaginas??

In August members of the radical Leftist group “Code Pink” dressed up like vaginas at the DNC convention. Don’t click that link if you’ve just had a meal. Or if you have high blood pressure. Or if you’re depressive. Or if you’re a heterosexual male and want to stay heterosexual.

In June a Michigan state lawmaker cried a river of tears when Republicans got her rejected from speaking on the House floor because of her rude and inappropriate diatribe about…you guessed it, vaginas. Democrat women pitched a hissy fit and responded with a “Say Vagina” campaign that was quickly derailed by Twitter’s awesome league of badass Republicans. Also in Michigan, radical feminist author Eve Ensler, who has probably seen many vaginas up close and personal, screamed about her lady parts on the steps the the Michigan State Capitol.

This Democrat man explains why he’s sick of hearing about Democrat women and their vaginas and points out what spoiled, rotten entitled messes liberal women are and how they are never, ever satisfied with anything. Great, great video! 

And there’s the Hollywood celebrities who never stop agitating for “reproductive rights”. Hollywood is full of Leftist political operatives, so it’s no surprise that so many people in the entertainment industry are Democrats who make it their side job (or is their entertainment their side job?) to crusade for any number of Leftist political causes: abortion, the gay agenda, and animal rights. There’s a smattering of other Leftist causes here and there, but those are The Big Three. The one at the top of the list is the propaganda-named “reproductive rights”, which just means abortion, abortion, and more abortion. Secondarily birth control and artificial means of conception of included (because nobody loves IVF and surrogacy more than rich celebrity women), but abortion is really what it’s all about.  With the taxpayer paying for all of it.

I want to move off-topic for a minute.

Political operatives are a special group. Not all Democrats who have a public face are operatives. Not all Democrats in Hollywood are operatives. Many of them are simply “traditional” liberals who, while being just as beholden to The Cult as all other Democrats, genuinely believe in the Democrat agenda on things like taxation, the role of government, and “social issues” (George Clooney, John Cusack). These are Liberals but not hard-line Leftists. They will do their part for The Cult, such as contributing a nominal, respectable amount of fundraising and campaign donations, but they do not agitate. Others are simply die-hard Leftists who don’t need to be operatives. They are already highly willing to advance The Party of their own free will (Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon). No, the operatives are special. They are planted in the field and their careers are steamrolled in exchange for their public service to The Group/The Cult/The Party (Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck). And sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart from the regular Dems. That’s the whole idea. One clue: if you ever wonder why a hardcore Democrat celebrity is extremely lacking in intelligence, charisma, and talent but continues to maintain an A-list career and an exceptionally high-profile public presence…this is why: Political Operative.

Getting back to Hollywood Democrats and their revolting obsession with all things related to private parts.

Actress Susan Sarandon sees abortion not as a feminist cause, but as a civil liberties issue. Civil. Liberty. Understand this demented logic: She equates abortion with the right of girls to get an education, the right of women to vote, and the right of Blacks to drink from the same water fountain as other races, the right of Jews not to be hustled into ovens. 

Actress Ashely Judd, without a doubt one of the angriest, most vitriolic women in America, agitates for the reelection of Obama. Why? Well, 95% of her reasons have to do with the goings-on of women’s vaginas. Judd is an angry alcoholic who was once a beautiful and vibrant young woman with a promising career. Now she’s a bitter mess with a trucker’s voice, barely hanging on to the remnants of her good looks, whose sole “work” seems to be showing up to pro-abortion rallies and cutting videos for NARAL. She doesn’t get good movie parts anymore and she’s a liability because of her drinking problem and general instability. Lucky for her, she can always be a star in whatever act The Party is putting on. 

Actress Aisha Tyler (PO) agitates for Obama by accusing Mitt Romney of hating women (vaginas) because he wants the government to de-fund Planned Parenthood. 

Actress Elizabeth Banks shilled for Planned Parenthood specifically at the bidding of the Obama campaign.

Singer/Actress Cher–who once professed she would out-live cockroaches in the event of a nuclear holocaust–gets her guts all twisted into knots every few months or so and goes on a tirade about vaginas and how evil white Republican males are out to destroy all the vaginas of America

Look, these are only some examples. It’s a topic that could only be covered thoroughly if I wrote a book. Frankly, someone should write that book. The book about Democrat Women and Vaginas. I’m sick of radical feminists debasing women, our bodies, and our sexuality with their bullshit. I never in my life heard such madness from the liberal-leftist feminist movement until these past few months. Democrat women selling out to The Party, that’s what this is. Debasing and humiliating themselves for the advancement of The Group, The Cult: the Democrat party. It’s not about Barack Obama. It’s about securing power and control for The Party. They are literal whores. What else but a whore offers her VAGINA to the highest bidder?  


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