Let’s Talk About THAT Shirt

You know the one.

That one. Dems are having such a good time spreading this garbage all over Facebook and Tumblr and whatever other social networking sites they spend their time agitating for Obama on. Trying to legitimize this nonsense. 

Yes. Let’s take this real seriously now. Because it’s so…real, right? Because this dude isn’t a plant, right? Or this picture couldn’t be photoshopped, right? It’s real. Because if you are a liberal-leftist Democrat who loves to spread false propaganda that the Republican party is only for White people and that Conservatives are all racists, then this photo must be real, right? Because you want it to be realYou need it to be real so that you can grasp at straws to prop up your hatred, your lies, your delusion, your total lack of morals and principles. And so that makes it real.

Anything to help you ignore Fast and Furious. Or Benghazi. Or 6 trillion dollars borrowed from China with nothing to show for it and no way to pay it back. Or a president and his minions who lie, lie, like lying sacks of lies.

Because some agitator, some agent of chaos, shows up at a Romney-Ryan rally for the sole purpose of casting dispersion on the Republican party, let’s take this real serious. Yes, like the guy who showed up at a Tea Party rally a couple years ago carrying a sign equating Obama to Hitler. One guy. One sign. And what a shit-storm it caused. And that really represented the other 7,000 Conservatives present at the TP rally, right? That was real, too, right? That guy wasn’t a social agitator, right? That guy wasn’t a plant either, right? With his stupid sign that no one else at the rally acknowledged or condoned and in fact those present demanded the man leave. A bunch of white supremacist Nazi GOP racists escorted their guy out, is that what happened? Like, “Shhhh, you can’t have that sign here, dude, they’ll find us out!” Like that?

BTW, Hitler was a Socialist. 

Nazi = National Socialist German Worker’s Party 

Stay goofy, Dems. 

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