[EDIT: GRAPHIC ADDED] I Was Called a Racist Today

EDIT: I left out a very important graphic in my spiel below. Please scroll down if you didn’t see it the first time. The graphic says “96% of blacks voted for Obama in 2008”. The info on there is very important to this topic. 

My feels just laughed. This doesn’t hurt, anger, or even annoy me. A liberal-leftist calling me a racist makes me feel like…oh, I don’t know…like this?

Yeah, like that. Like whatever feels Paul Ryan has there behind his magnificent VP-debate face.

I don’t want to get into the details of the racist-calling diatribe or where or by whom it happened, because it’s boring. Suffice to say it started over me posting this picture somewhere:

Immediately after which THIS happened:

Seriously, like The Night of the Living Dead, the glassy-eyed minions of The Group/The Cult came at me. 

A gang of pansies crying “racism” and “singling out Blacks”. It doesn’t really matter. The picture is from an actual video of a woman at a pro-Obama demonstration or some such thing, screaming into the camera about how we should all vote for Obama because he gave away free cellphones. My reaction to this woman would be no different if she were Asian, or Latina, or White, or my own mother. 

I don’t care about your race. I don’t want to pay for your shit. That’s all. I don’t really blame these pitiful slaves to the government tit. I blame the government tit. Here’s what I have to say about this whole “you is a racist” issue:

You wanna call me racist, huh? You wanna accuse me of “singling out Black people”? I happen to love my country and care for all Americans. America is only great in proportion to the success of her citizens. It’s the Democrat voters/supporters who cover up the horrible policies of their mostly-WHITE elitist Democrat politicians by crying “raaaaaaciiiist” every time a Republican points out what a shambles minority communities are in.

Democrats REFUSE to talk about this. And why would they talk about it? Because among the Democrat contingent is where the real racism lies. The facts speak for themselves. You cannot … CAN. NOT. …. claim to respect and care for an entire race of Americans and continue to vote for politicians who have leadership in communities where THIS is happening every single day:

Chicago: Democrat leadership

Washington, DC: Democrat leadership

Los Angeles: Democrat Leadership

New York: Democrat leadership

St. Louis: Democrat Leadership

The list goes on and on. I challenge you to show me a city with a large community of non-Whites under Democrat leadership that isn’t trailing behind Whites in education, safe neighborhoods, family stability, health, and employment. Show me a city under Democrat leadership where large communities of minorities are raising children in stable, 2-parent homes. Where crime rates are low and high-school graduation is high. Where prisons are lacking in minority numbers and universities are brimming with them. Where employment is steady and welfare recipients are rare. 

When you are faced with the facts about Democrat policies and their deplorable results, only a lying scum would dare to try to slap Mitt Romney, Republicans, and White conservatives with the disgusting label of racist. 

We aren’t racist for telling the truth. You’re racist for hiding the truth. 


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