Femi-Leftist Compares HHS Mandate to Meat Farmers

So I got into with this feminist chick (actually 2 of them). She/They took issue with THIS graphic:

All religious institutions receive federal funding. Where do you think they come from? They come from every single citizen’s tax dollars, yes even the atheist ones. 

Farmers receive government subsidies, funded through every single citizen’s tax dollars, including those who are vegetarian. 

So why is it so wrong for Catholics to contribute to something against their beliefs? 

But I can try. Here goes: 

These are two totally separate issues. Don’t confuse the two, and don’t try to debate  one issue by introducing another one into the discourse. 

Faith-based organizations receiving taxpayer funding is one issue. The government FORCING Catholic institutions to provide BC/abortions is a totally unrelated issue.

You don’t look intellectual by mixing two unrelated issues together. You look desperate, grasping, and raving. 

On the issue of faith-based organizations/churches/synagogues/etc receiving funding by tax payers: these institutions receive contributions from the government (tax payers) as support for the work they do to serve American communities and its citizens—especially for the poor and disenfranchised.

This is what the “Faith-Based Initiative” is all about. Anyone—religious or not—who would complain about the government funding organizations that devote themselves to serving the poor and educating children would only complain because they lack compassion for the suffering of others. If you love to see people do good for others you would not complain about where this work is coming from, nor would you complain that an extremely small amount of taxpayer money funds it.

Religion is not being funded. In other words, taxpayer money is not being provided so that churches can print Bibles. These institutions are supported by a government initiative in exchange for their vital contributions to the nation. The IRS regulations on religious institutions being tax exempt is another really good example of how the government views its relationship to these organizations. First sentence of the first paragraph, beginning with “Congress has enacted special tax laws”.

All this is totally unrelated to Catholics being forced by the government to provide BC/abortion/etc. This is why the Catholic Church is suing the U.S. government. I don’t see anyone suing the U.S. government for its generous contributions to the charitable work of faith-based organizations.

Rather than spending time on Tumblr blurting out more nonsensical, ignorant, unrelated issues in your desperate effort to ram your radical feminism down our throats, why don’t you actually research the issues you want to debate?

I mean, Barack Obama funds Hamas (a terrorist organization) and the Muslim Brotherhood (which commits human rights abuses against women, children, non-Muslims, and homosexuals) with BILLIONS (literally) of taxpayer dollars. Have you complained about that on your Tumblr? Or does it not suit your agenda?

And—I can’t believe I have to explain this to you—farmers also GROW VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. And vegetarians don’t eat meat but most of them consume eggs and dairy WHICH COME FROM ANIMALS. 

Hoo boy, here comes another one!

Also, I’m a vegetarian, and I’ve bought lots of burgers and other meat things. So… you know.

Eh, better luck next time.

These people are real, I promise!! And so I went at it again:

FARMERS GROW VEGETABLES AS WELL. And if you consume eggs or dairy THOSE COME FROM ANIMALS. Don’t like your few cents funding meat? Then go live on a fucking island. Sick of the whining bullshit of you liberals who do nothing but complain and sow chaos and dissent.

Your tax dollars also fund Hamas (terrorist organization) and the Muslim Brotherhood (human rights abuses against women, children, non-Muslims, and homosexuals) to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. Your tax dollars have funded the Obama administration’s environmental schemes to the tune of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars…all of which have gone bankrupt. Your tax dollars funded Operation Fast and Furious which led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexicans and at least one US border agent. Will you at least whine about any of this? Or is it too much to bother with? Too much work to get informed? Or just doesn’t suit your Democrat fucking agenda?

Logic, facts, and common sense are the weapons against the Leftist agenda.

I’m so productive here waiting for Sandy to hit!

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