The EU and the Nobel: Transnational Buffoonery

Newly awarded with what was once a prestigious award associated with respect and dignity (Mother Teresa got one, as did Irene Sandler), the European Union has been “honored” with the Nobel Prize for Peace.

The European Union. A tyrannical body of Leftists that was elected by…no one…and which has done amazing work destroying democracy across Europe, bringing the entire continent to the brink of bankruptcy (except for Switzerland, which refused to join the Euro and thus, continues to flourish economically and culturally), and has forced Islamic immigration onto the continent by the droves. All this the EU does while grinning broadly and declaring itself self-satisfied with its gross acts of Multiculturalism and cultural destruction. This is the Nobel committee’s version of peace

Before you read Daniel Greenfield’s piece on what a joke the Nobel has become, please first view this very short video of Nigel Farage’s 3-minute tirade against the European Union, “Who the hell do you think you are?” It’s a short bit that will help bring into perspective how preposterous it is that the EU has been given any kind of award for “peace” or that the EU is taken at all seriously as a legitimate world power. Farage is a brave hero of democracy and freedom, and this speech to the EU is profoundly important. You’ll also be tickled with delight at his righteous anger and indignation in the face of thugs and usurpers. 



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