Eric Allen Bell Hits It Out Of The Park


#Prophet of #Islam was a Pedophile, Madman and Fraud


Remember, Eric had to go underground after islamic supremacists and their leftist enablers incorrectly blamed him for the hilarious mo video that has caused thin skinned perpetually offended muslims to feel the ButtHurt. By doing so, they are attempting to have Eric assassinated. Well, toothpaste ain’t gonna go back in the tube, and if Mr. Bell is going to be blamed for islamic ButtHurt anyway, he may as well have some fun with his fatwa. Nice work, Eric Allen Bell, hit ’em again!


UPDATE: Be sure to visit iOwnTheWorld, because BigFurHat has a new video up of Eric Allen Bell on Fox News in which Mr. Bell demonstrates how to maximize the awesome when the anchor says, “we have just a few seconds left”. Go now.


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This post is linked at iOwnTheWorld. Thank you, BigFurHat!


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